College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean: Peter Kingstone, Ph.D.

Associate Dean: Leslie Wilson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean: Jessica Brandt, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean: Courtney Cunningham, M.A.

Assistant Dean: Jaclyn Novak, M.A.

Traditional liberal studies serve as the foundation of a university education. In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), the curriculum emphasizes the development of analytic skills, communication skills and social understanding. Our students can study time-honored disciplines such as philosophy and literature, along with courses on the vanguard of contemporary developments, such as cognitive science and justice studies. Degrees in this college are recognized as excellent preparation for any number of careers, or for professional and graduate study.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences also provides students with applied study options: internships, apprenticeships, and field study programs. Some departments offer clinical training or professional certificate programs, including teacher certification. CHSS faculty offer service-learning courses, in which coursework is linked to community development projects. Through these engaged experiences outside the campus, students build professional skills that can be utilized in business, human service, education, government, and healthcare careers. Recruiters continue to seek out students who demonstrate skills in analysis, communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

CHSS is also home to interdisciplinary programs, each of which allows students to explore a theme or area of interest from a number of perspectives. Students interested in Latin American and Latino Studies, for example, can study Latino/a history and literature as well as the sociological and psychological factors that affect cultural identity. The interdisciplinary field of the Medical Humanities investigates the human experience of health and illness in terms of social contexts, cultural practices, and belief systems. In light of the globalization of healthcare students engage in the kind of critical thinking, communication skills, and multicultural perspectives that contribute to our understanding of disease and to the practice of the healing arts. All of the interdisciplinary programs in CHSS provide students with a unique educational opportunity - for integrated study beyond the bounds of any one discipline.

World language programs in the College offer excellent opportunities for students to immerse themselves in another language and culture through our study abroad programs. Typically, the college offers several such programs each year, in places such as London, Nice, Graz, Madrid, Sicily, Siena, and Milan.

Faculty in the college make effective use of educational technology, blending innovative software with various forms of web-based learning. Some courses are taught entirely on the web or through a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum at Montclair State University maintains the core of the university experience established over one hundred years ago, yet the college continues to adapt, grow, develop, and change, providing students with relevant and rigorous programs of study that build on the very best in the liberal arts and social science traditions.



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