German Minor

Coordinator: Thomas Herold

The German major provides courses that develop linguistic skills, practice literary analysis, and build an understanding of cultures in German-speaking countries. In addition to German language courses on all levels, the program offers German literature and civilization classes as well as a large variety of extra-curricular activities.

Program Requirements

All students with prior knowledge of German will take the placement test. If they place out of Beginning or Intermediate courses, these credits will be substituted with elective courses. The total number of 18 credits remains the same regardless of the placement results.
Required Courses
Complete a total of 15 credits from the following:15
Beginning German I
Beginning German II
Complete 3-6 credits from the following:
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German in Contemporary Contexts
Complete 3-6 credits from the following:
Advanced German Through Music: From Mozart to Rammstein
Advanced German through Graphic Novels
Advanced German Through Detective Stories
Advanced German through Film I
Advanced German through Film II
Complete one course from the list below.3
Total Credits18

Elective Courses

GERM 142Practice in Written German3
GERM 205German Grammar Review3
GERM 221Advanced German Through Music: From Mozart to Rammstein3
GERM 222Advanced German through Graphic Novels3
GERM 223Advanced German Through Detective Stories3
GERM 224Advanced German through Film I3
GERM 225Advanced German through Film II3
GERM 226Fairy Tales from Grimm to Disney3
GERM 227Nazi Cinema and Propaganda3
GERM 251Introduction to German Literature3
GERM 261German Civilization3
GERM 309Practice in Spoken German3
GERM 310Advanced Composition3
GERM 315Translation I3
GERM 316Translation II3
GERM 317Translation III3
GERM 318Translation IV3
GERM 360Modern German Prose Fiction3
GERM 362Development of German Poetry3
GERM 364German Drama of the 19th and 20th Centuries3
GERM 375German Study Abroad1-6
GERM 380Independent Study in German (Junior Level)3
GERM 385Cooperative Education and Community Outreach for German Majors1-8
GERM 420Special Topics in German Literature and Culture3