Latin American and Latino Studies Minor

The Latin American and Latino Studies Program (LALS) is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to explore the rich heritage and contemporary trends of Latin-based cultures in the United States and beyond.

Many students in the program are heritage speakers of either Spanish or Portuguese. However, anyone able to demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is eligible to become an LALS student. Students may pass a language proficiency test or complete the language requirement in one of the above languages. Language study is not counted toward credits for the minor.

Latin American and Latino Studies students greatly benefit from study abroad opportunities, although study abroad is not a requirement. Students interested in taking advantage of this option must make arrangements through MSU's Global Education Center. Students must work with an LALS advisor to select courses and determine methods of evaluation. As many as four courses from the study abroad experience may be used to complete the LALS minor (again, with the exception of language courses). If the student decides to study abroad, the capstone course for the minor, LALS 401, must be taken after the study abroad experience.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
LALS 201Perspectives on Latin America3
LALS 401Capstone Course in Latin American and Latino Studies3
Elective Courses
Select 12 credits from the following:12
Select 9-12 credits from the following (must be from at least two different departments):
Cultures of Latin America
Land and Life in Latin America
Village to Metropolis: Urbanization in Latin America
Selected Topics in Economics (may be taken if topic is appropriate)
Early Latin America
History of Puerto Rico
Modern Latin America
History of Brazil
Seminar in Latin American History
Church and State in Latin America
Revolutions in Latin American History
Economic Relations in Latin America
Image and Identity: Representation of Latin American Women in Film and Fiction
Selected Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies
Skills for Bilingual Legal Personnel
Government and Politics of Latin America
Hispanic/Latino Psychology
Religion in Latin America
Voices of the Past and Present: Latin America
Cultural Studies: Latin America and the Caribbean
Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story
Contemporary Latin American Poetry
The Spanish-American Novel
Contemporary Latin American Theater
Contemporary Trends in the Spanish-American Novel
Puerto Rican Literature and Thought
Collateral Elective
Select 0-3 credits from the following:
Health and Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective
Cultural Competencies in Child Welfare
Working with Diverse Families and Children
Comparative Politics
Ethnic Politics in America
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Sociology of Rich and Poor Nations
Social Inequality
Total Credits18