Latin Minor

The Minor in Latin is an 18 credit program available to undergraduate students from any major.  Students achieve advanced reading proficiency in Latin, the language of the ancient Romans, foundational to the development, and our understanding, of western civilization, and have the opportunity to sample a wide range of Latin literary texts.

Program Requirements

Select 18 credits from the following:18
Beginning Latin I
Beginning Latin II
Intensive Beginning Latin
Intermediate Latin I
Intermediate Latin II
Latin Literature of the Republic
Latin Literature of the Golden Age
Latin Literature of the Silver Age
Latin Literature of the Middle Ages
Latin Composition
Advanced Latin Grammar
Roman Letter Writing
Roman Drama
Roman Lyric Poetry
Roman Biography
Methods of Teaching Latin
Linguistic History of the Latin Language
Roman Historians
The Epic and Vergil
Lucretius and Ancient Science
Caesar: End of the Republic
Roman Satire
The Elegy
Senior Seminar
Study Abroad
Special Topics in Advanced Latin Readings
Cicero: Ancient Philosophy
Total Credits18