Urban Humanities Minor

Why Study Urban Humanities?
The Urban Humanities program investigates what it means to be human in an increasingly urban world. Urban spaces are not only home to most of the world’s population, but are increasingly important to economic development, political cooperation and conflict, human-environment relations, and creative expression — that is, to the complex and diverse experience of being human. 

  • The Urban Humanities program explores the urban experience in an interdisciplinary way, drawing on faculty and courses from social sciences like anthropology and sociology; humanistic fields like the arts, history, and literature; and scientific fields like environmental studies. 
  • The program emphasizes community engagement. Montclair State University lies in the center of the one of the largest and most diverse urbanized areas in the United States, and this context serves as a laboratory and source of career opportunities for Urban Humanities students. 
  • The program’s curriculum is designed to provide students with both a coherent framework through which they can explore urban life and the flexibility to pursue individual courses of study that fit their interests and needs. 
  • Students in the program will explore diverse subjects such as urban inequality, development and gentrification, forms of activism and advocacy, community planning, climate change, culture and art, criminal justice issues, and the dynamics of racial, ethnic and cultural diversity.

Program Requirements

Introductory Course
URHS 101Introduction to Urban Humanities3
Core Sequence
Complete one course from 3 of the 4 areas below.9
Methods Sequence
Qualitative Methods
ANTH 301Methods in Anthropological Research and Practice3
or ANTH 290 Historical Archaeology
or ENFL 208 Introduction to the Film
or ENGL 300 Critical Approaches to English
or JUST 223 Ethnography in Justice Studies
Quantitative/Digital Methods
EAES 210Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing3
or EAES 310 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
or EAES 391 Quantitative Methods in Geography and Urban Studies
or HIST 270 Digital History
or HIST 466 Historical Geographic Information Systems and Mapping
or JUST 240 Statistics for Social Research
or SOCI 240 Statistics for Social Research
Skills Training
URHS 404Skills Training in Engaged Urbanism1
Total Credits19

Core Sequence Courses

Creating Urban Society: Diversity and Mobility
EAES 283Urban Georgraphy3
HIST 205Race and Ethnicity in United States History3
HIST 216Italian America Past and Present3
HIST 217African American History3
HIST 314Women and Migration3
HIST 320American Urban History Since 18803
HIST 407U.S. Immigration History3
JUST 317Race and the U.S. Legal System3
SOCI 225Latinas and Latinos in the United States3
SOCI 307Immigration3
SOCI 311Urban Sociology3
Governing Urban Space: Urban Power and Inequality
ANTH 255Urban Anthropology3
EAES 281Introduction to American Urban Studies3
ENFL 370Class, Race and Ethnicity in Film3
JUST 250Current Issues in Policing3
JUST 325Police and Society3
POLS 216Urban Politics3
POLS 315Urban Administration3
Meaning and Representation: Urban Art and Culture
ENGL 227Queer Fiction3
ENGL 234American Drama3
ENGL 238Black Writers in the United States: A Survey3
ENGL 274Contemporary U.S. Literature of Immigration3
ENGL 339Postwar American Fiction 1945-19903
THTR 384Theater for Community Impact3
THTR 386Site Specific Performance3
Nature and Technology: Science and Urban Society
ANTH 360Environmental Anthropology3
EAES 384Managing the Urban Environment3
EAES 385Urbanization and Environment3
SOCI 312Environmental Sociology3
SOCI 314Environmental Justice3