Spanish (M.A.)

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Program Requirements

Required Core
SPAN 504Introduction to Literary Theory 13
SPAN 538Hispanic Linguistics3
Complete 21-24 credits from the list below. Any combination of courses from Groups A or B may be taken.24-21
Culminating Experience
Complete either the Comprehensive Examination or the Master's Thesis (with department approval)0-3
Comprehensive Examination
Master's Thesis
Total Credits30


Group A: Literature and Culture
SPAN 516Medieval Spanish Literature to the Fifteenth Century3
SPAN 522Theatre of the Golden Age3
SPAN 523Prose and Poetry of the Golden Age3
SPAN 524Cervantes3
SPAN 525Enlightenment and Romanticism3
SPAN 526Spanish Novel of the 19th Century3
SPAN 527The Generation of 18983
SPAN 528Spanish Fiction and Film3
SPAN 530Spanish Cultural History3
SPAN 533Contemporary Spanish Theater3
SPAN 534Contemporary Spanish Novel3
SPAN 535Contemporary Spanish Poetry3
SPAN 537Lorca3
SPAN 540Colonial Latin American Literature3
SPAN 541Latin American Literature of the 19th Century3
SPAN 542Contemporary Latin American Novel3
SPAN 543Contemporary Latin American Theater3
SPAN 546Modernismo in Latin America3
SPAN 547Spanish in the United States3
SPAN 548Latin American Novel: After the Boom3
SPAN 549Contemporary Latin American Short Story3
SPAN 551Contemporary Latin American Poetry3
SPAN 553Bilingual Prose Workshop: Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing3
SPAN 554Bilingual Poetry Workshop: Writing Poetry in the 21st Century3
SPAN 555Literary Translation: Crossing Borders in Poetry and Fiction3
SPAN 560Special Topics in Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean Literature3
SPAN 562Autobiographical Acts in Spain and in Latin America3
Group B: Translation and Linguistics
SPAN 501Special Topics in Advanced Studies of Spanish Language3
SPAN 505History of Spanish Language3
SPAN 507Translation and Health Services3
SPAN 509Translation and the Law3
SPAN 511Consecutive Interpreting3
SPAN 512Simultaneous Interpreting3
SPAN 515Computer-Assisted Translation3
SPAN 518Teaching Spanish in K-123
SPAN 520Audiovisual Translation3
SPAN 521Special Topics in Teaching Spanish K-123
SPAN 529Audio Description3

Recommended Roadmap to Degree Completion

This plan is provided as an outline for students to complete their degree requirements within two years.  This plan is a recommendation only and students should meet with their Graduate Advisor to develop a more individualized plan to complete their degree.

First Year
SPAN 504 or 5383SPAN 504 or 5383Elective course3
Elective course3Elective course3 
Elective course3Elective course3 
 9 9 3
Second Year
Elective course3  
Elective course3  
Elective course3  
Total Credits 30

The Comprehensive Examination or SPAN 698 Master's Thesis should be completed during the last semester of the second year.