Spanish Minor

Because of its flexibility, the minor in Spanish is the ideal supplement to most B.A. programs. Students complete 6 credit hours of specific required work and choose the other 12 credit hours among many course offerings in Spanish linguistics, literature, Latin American and Latino studies, cultural studies, translation, theater and film.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
SPAN 145Spanish Language Review Through Literature, Culture and Film3
SPAN 242Spanish Composition and Stylistics3
Select four of the following:12
Literature Electives
Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
Voices of the Past and Present: Spain
Voices of the Past and Present: Latin America
Selected Topics in Spanish and Latin American Literature
Spanish Study Abroad
Spanish Film and Fiction
Contemporary Spanish Novel
Spanish Poetry and Drama of the 19th Century
Spanish Prose of the 19th Century
Contemporary Spanish Theater
The Latin American Essay
Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story
Contemporary Latin American Poetry
The Spanish-American Novel
El Quijote
Contemporary Latin American Theater
The Drama of the Golden Age
Senior Seminar
Contemporary Trends in the Spanish-American Novel
Puerto Rican Literature and Thought
Sexual Subversion in Contemporary Hispanic Literature and Film
Independent Study
Language Electives
Spanish for Business
Negotiation Skills in Spanish
Introduction to Spanish Phonetics
Spanish Conversation
Selected Topics in the Spanish Language
Theory and Practice of Translation
Fundamentals of Specialized Translation
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Audiovisual Translation
Introduction to Interpreting
Capstone Course in Translation
Culture Electives
Cultural Studies: Spain
Cultural Studies: Latin America and the Caribbean
Total Credits18