Spanish Translation Certificate Program

To receive an undergraduate certificate in Spanish translation (SPTN), students must complete four courses (12 credits) in translation offered in Spanish: SPAN 350, SPAN 351, SPAN 420, SPAN 452 or SPAN 429. After successfully completing the sequence of courses, students must pass a Certificate Exam in which they choose to translate either from English into Spanish or from Spanish into English. This Certificate can be combined with any major or minor. The only requirement is a level of proficiency in Spanish equivalent to SPAN241 or a score of 750-900 on the MSU Spanish placement test.

Program Requirements

SPAN 350Theory and Practice of Translation3
SPAN 351Fundamentals of Specialized Translation3
SPAN 420Audiovisual Translation3
SPAN 452Capstone Course in Translation3
Certification Examination
Complete the three hour written examination given in May.
Total Credits12