Applied Linguistics (M.A.)

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Program Requirements

Foundation Course
Students without a background in Linguistics will be required to complete APLN 500.0-3
Language and Linguistics
Required Courses
APLN 504Syntax3
APLN 505Semantics and Pragmatics3
APLN 506Phonetics and Phonology3
APLN 508Research Design in Applied Linguistics3
Required Electives
Select 18 credits from the list below.18
Culminating Experience
Complete one of the following:1-3
Research Questions in Applied Linguistics
Master's Thesis
Total Credits31-36


APLN 502Sociolinguistics3
APLN 510Discourse Analysis3
APLN 512Cross-Cultural Discourse Analysis3
APLN 518Forensic Linguistics3
APLN 520Current Theories of Second Language Acquisition3
APLN 524Advanced Structure of American English3
APLN 525Methodology of Teaching ESL3
APLN 526Computer-Assisted Language Instruction3
APLN 528Language Testing and Assessment3
APLN 530Language Policy and Language Planning3
APLN 532Language and Culture in Minority Education3
APLN 534Languages in Contact3
APLN 536Languages of the USA3
APLN 550Computational Linguistics3
APLN 552Special Topics in Natural Language Processing3
APLN 560Translation Theory3
APLN 565Lexicography3
APLN 570The Structure of American Sign Language3
APLN 580Corpus Linguistics3
APLN 582Language and Mobile Communication3
APLN 590Special Topics in Applied Linguistics3
APLN 591Cognitive Linguistics3
APLN 594Independent Study1-3
APLN 596Independent Study1-3

Recommended Roadmap to Degree Completion

This plan is provided as an outline for students to complete their degree requirements within two years.  This plan is a recommendation only and students should meet with their Graduate Advisor to develop a more individualized plan to complete their degree.

First Year
APLN 500 (if needed)3APLN 5063
Elective Course3Elective Course3
Elective Course3Elective Course3
Elective Course3 
 12 9
Second Year
APLN 5043APLN 5053
APLN 5083APLN 605 or 6981-3
Elective Course3 
 9 4-6
Total Credits 34-36