Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Minor

An 18 credit program available to undergraduate students from any major. The undergraduate Minor in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations examines the cultures and societies of the ancient Mediterranean region, broadly understood to include the major cultures of the Near East and Egypt as well as Greece and Rome, with special emphasis on institutions and society.  Students in the program take two introductory courses selected from Greek and Roman history or art history surveys, or introductions to the Western humanities and to classical archaeology (most of these introductory courses may be counted toward General Education requirements for all MSU students), and continue with four upper-level courses in the history and culture of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern civilizations, including one course on an archaeological topic.

Program Requirements

Introductory Courses
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Classical Archaeology
General Humanities I (to 1400)
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
Global Foundations in Art and Visual Culture
Art History and Archaeology
Select one of the following:3
Aegean Art and Archaeology
Greek Art
Roman Art
Early Medieval Art: Early Christian, Byzantine Early Medieval
The City in Antiquity
Special Topics in Mediterranean Archaeology
Field Methods in Mediterranean Archaeology
Reading Seminar in Mediterranean Archaeology
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Greek and Roman Religion
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Ancient World
Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Humanities
Special Topics in Ancient History (Greece, Rome, W. Asia, N. Africa, Europe)
Alexander the Great: Legend and Legacy
The Roman Republic
Rome in the Age of Augustus
The Roman Empire
Africa in Classical Antiquity
Introduction to Roman Law
Greek New Testament
Greek Historians
Roman Biography
Roman Historians
Caesar: End of the Republic
History of Philosophy: Ancient Philosophy
Special Topics in Political Thought
Introduction to Greek and Roman Religion
Total Credits18