English Major (B.A.)

The English Major requires a minimum of 37 credits or twelve courses at the 200-level and above, including:

  • Two required courses: ENWR 220: Writing in the Major and ENGL 300: The Pursuits of English;
  • At least one pre-1700 course, one pre-1800 course, two pre-1900 courses, and one post-1900 course.

Courses in the major should cover at least three different genres: poetry, film, drama, and/or fiction.

Courses in the major must cover international issues, ethnic studies, women and gender studies, and class issues.

(See program guides for specific requirement details.)

For creative writing, film, journalism, or professional and public writing minors, only two minor courses may be counted towards the major

A minimum of 120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA. However, more than 120 credits may be required depending upon the major field of study.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Required English Courses
ENGL 300The Pursuits of English4
ENWR 220Writing in the Major: the Analytic Essay3
English Requirements by Advisement
Select 30 credits of the following as prescribed by a departmental advisor:30
Introduction to the Film
Special Topics in Film Studies
Major Film Movements
Major Film Genres
Major Film Directors
World Film Before 1945
World Film After 1945
Intermediate Screenwriting
Three Directors
The Contemporary Film
American Film to 1945
American Film 1945 to the Present
Film Comedy
Gender and Sexuality in Film
Class, Race and Ethnicity in Film
Analysis of Cinematic Movement
Advanced Screenwriting
Seminar in Film
Introduction to Professional and Public Writing
World Literature: The Coming of Age Theme
World Literature: Voices of Tradition and Challenge
Myth and Literature
Queer Fiction
American Literature I: Beginnings to 1890
American Literature II: 1890 to Present
Images of Muslim Women in Twentieth Century Literature and Culture
American Drama
Contemporary Chinese Women's Literature
Black Women Writers: US
Black Writers in the United States: A Survey
Social Protest Literature in America
English Literature I: Beginnings to 1660
English Literature II: 1660 to Present
King Arthur and Arthurian Literature in Medieval England
Special Topics in English or American Literature
Special Topics in Comparative Literature
English Novel to 1900
Art of Poetry
Art of Fiction
Art of Drama
Ethnographies and Autoethnographies of Writers
Twentieth Century Literature of Immigration
Vietnam War and American Culture
Survey of Brazilian Literature
ENGL 280
The English Language
Women Poets
The Novels of Toni Morrison
Young Adult Literature
Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Literature
American Poetry to 1940
American Poetry: World War II to Present
Early American Literature
Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as Literature
Literature of American Renaissance
American Literary Realism
Modern American Fiction
Contemporary American Fiction
Literature of the Enlightenment Era
Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century
From Sensibility to Romanticism
Medieval English Literature
19th Century English Romantic Literature
Victorian Poetry
Renaissance Literature
The Victorian Novel
Nineteenth-Century British Non-Fiction Prose
English Drama: Beginnings to 1642
Shakespeare: Comedies-Histories
Shakespeare: Tragedies-Romances
Modern British Fiction 1900-1945
Postwar British Fiction 1946-1990
Recent British Fiction 1990-Present
James Joyce
Irish Literary Revival: 1890-1939
Modern Irish Drama
Contemporary Poetry
Poetry and Performance
English Independent Study I
English Independent Study II
The Grammars of English
Old English Language and Literature
17th Century English Poetry
Restoration and 18th Century Drama
20th Century English Novel
Seminar in American Literature
Seminar in English Literature
American Indian Themes
African, Asian and Caribbean Literature in English
European Romanticism
Contemporary Irish Literature
African Myth and Literature
Contemporary African Literature
Women Prose Writers
Literary Modernism
Contemporary European Drama
Modern Drama: Ibsen to O'Neill
Modern European Novel
Speculative Fiction: Fantasy
Science Fiction
Comic and Satiric Tradition
Modern Poetry to T.S. Eliot
Seminar in Comparative Literature
Creative Writing: Fiction, Poetry, Drama
Writing for Clarity and Style
Creative Nonfiction
Workplace Writing
Technical Writing
Digital Writing: Composing with Text, Image, and Sound
Introduction to Poetry Writing
Introduction to Fiction Writing
Beginning Drama Workshop
Special Topics in Writing
Collaboration and Coauthoring
Intermediate Fiction Workshop
Intermediate Poetry Workshop
Intermediate Drama Workshop
Writing Women Safe: Writing, Rape Prevention, and Community Activism
Teaching Writing in the Public Schools
Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing
Community Writing: Theories, Practices, and Partnerships
Advanced Fiction Workshop
Advanced Poetry Workshop
Seminar in Writing
News Reporting: Print and Online
Advanced News Reporting: Field Experience
History of Journalism in America
The Holocaust and the American Press: Before, During and After
Writing/Reporting For TV and Radio
New Jersey Local News
The Entertainment Beat
Special Topics Journalism
Meet the Press
Advanced Editing
Magazine Journalism
Reporting of Public Affairs
Feature Writing
Apps for Journalists
Interpretive Journalism
News Production Lab
Media Entrepreneurship
Structure of American English
History of the English Language
The Grammars of English
Total Credits37