English (B.A.)

The English Major centers on the critical study and interpretation of literature, language, and culture.  Students study literature and other cultural products written in English, and develop their critical and aesthetic understanding through research and writing.  The curriculum includes coursework in creative writing, film, and world literatures written in or translated into English.
The English Major requires a minimum of 36 credits or 12 courses, including one course required of all students, ENGL 300: Critical Approaches to English.  The 12 courses taken must include:

  • At least five courses in literature;
  • At least one pre-1700 course, one pre-1800 course, one pre-1900 course, and one post-1900 course;
  • At least one course in three out of the following four genres: poetry, fiction, drama, film;
  • At least one course in each of the following areas:  international issues, ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, class issues.

120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA.

(See program guides for specific requirement details.)

Program Requirements Overview

General Education Requirements42
World Languages and Cultures Requirements3-9
Major Requirements36
Free Electives39-33
Total Credits120

Major Requirements

Required Course
ENGL 300Critical Approaches to English3
English Requirements by Advisement
Complete 33 credits from the list below, within the following guidelines. Individual courses may meet more than one guideline. No more than two 100-level courses can count toward the major.33
Literature (5 courses)
Any Literature
Genre Study (3 courses)
Pay significant attention to at least three of these four genres:
Additional Guidelines
International Issues - Primary focus on texts outside the American or British traditions.
Ethnic Studies - At least 1/3 of the course will focus on representation of race or ethnicity.
Women's/Gender Studies - At least 1/3 of the course will focus on texts by women or representation of gender.
Class Issues - At least 1/3 of the course will focus on representation of class issues.
Total Credits36

English Requirements by Advisement Course List

ENFL 208Introduction to the Film3
ENFL 251Special Topics in Film Studies3
ENFL 255Major Film Movements3
ENFL 260Major Film Genres3
ENFL 265Major Film Directors3
ENFL 294World Film Before 19453
ENFL 295World Film After 19453
ENFL 310Intermediate Screenwriting3
ENFL 356The Contemporary Film3
ENFL 357American Film to 19453
ENFL 358American Film 1945 to the Present3
ENFL 365Gender and Sexuality in Film3
ENFL 370Class, Race and Ethnicity in Film3
ENFL 410Advanced Screenwriting3
ENFL 496Seminar in Film3
ENGL 210Myth and Literature3
ENGL 110Introduction to Literature: The Analytic Essay3
ENGL 111Introduction to Literature: The Short Story3
ENGL 113Introduction to Literature: Bestsellers and Popular Fiction3
ENGL 114Introduction to Literature: Utopian and Dystopian Fiction3
ENGL 116World Literature: The Coming of Age Theme3
ENGL 117World Literature: Voices of Tradition and Challenge3
ENGL 227Queer Fiction3
ENGL 228American Literature I: Beginnings to 18903
ENGL 229American Literature II: 1890 to Present3
ENGL 230Images of Muslim Women in Twentieth Century Literature and Culture3
ENGL 234American Drama3
ENGL 237Black Women Writers: US3
ENGL 238Black Writers in the United States: A Survey3
ENGL 239Social Protest Literature in America3
ENGL 240English Literature I: Beginnings to 16603
ENGL 241English Literature II: 1660 to Present3
ENGL 243King Arthur and Arthurian Literature in Medieval England3
ENGL 250Special Topics in English or American Literature3
ENGL 252Special Topics in Comparative Literature3
ENGL 255The Golden Age of Children's Literature3
ENGL 256English Novel to 19003
ENGL 260Art of Poetry3
ENGL 262Art of Fiction3
ENGL 263Art of Drama3
ENGL 274Contemporary U.S. Literature of Immigration3
ENGL 275Vietnam War and American Culture3
ENGL 278Survey of Brazilian Literature3
ENGL 284The English Language3
ENGL 294Women Poets3
ENGL 301The Novels of Toni Morrison3
ENGL 305Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 308Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Literature3
ENGL 315American Indian Themes3
ENGL 316African, Asian and Caribbean Literature in English3
ENGL 324American Poetry to 19403
ENGL 325American Poetry: World War II to Present3
ENGL 326Early American Literature3
ENGL 330Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as Literature3
ENGL 333Literature of American Renaissance3
ENGL 334European Romanticism3
ENGL 335Contemporary Irish Literature3
ENGL 336American Literary Realism3
ENGL 337Modern American Fiction3
ENGL 338Recent American Fiction 1990 to Present3
ENGL 339Postwar American Fiction 1945-19903
ENGL 340Literature of the Enlightenment Era3
ENGL 341Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century3
ENGL 342From Sensibility to Romanticism3
ENGL 343Milton3
ENGL 344Chaucer3
ENGL 345Medieval English Literature3
ENGL 34619th Century English Romantic Literature3
ENGL 347Victorian Poetry3
ENGL 348Renaissance Literature3
ENGL 349Victorian Popular Fiction3
ENGL 350The Victorian Novel3
ENGL 351Nineteenth-Century British Non-Fiction Prose3
ENGL 352English Drama: Beginnings to 16423
ENGL 353Shakespeare: Comedies-Histories3
ENGL 354Shakespeare: Tragedies-Romances3
ENGL 356Modern British Fiction 1900-19453
ENGL 357Postwar British Fiction 1946-19903
ENGL 358Recent British Fiction 1990-Present3
ENGL 359James Joyce3
ENGL 360Irish Literary Revival: 1890-19393
ENGL 361Modern Irish Drama3
ENGL 363Modern Poetry to T.S. Eliot3
ENGL 364Contemporary Poetry3
ENGL 366African Myth and Literature3
ENGL 367Contemporary African Literature3
ENGL 370English Independent Study I2-3
ENGL 371English Independent Study II2-3
ENGL 372Women Prose Writers3
ENGL 373Literary Modernism3
ENGL 374Contemporary European Drama3
ENGL 375Modern Drama: Ibsen to O'Neill3
ENGL 376Modern European Novel3
ENGL 377Speculative Fiction: Fantasy3
ENGL 378Science Fiction3
ENGL 381Comic and Satiric Tradition3
ENGL 398Autobiography3
ENGL 384The Grammars of English3
ENGL 401Old English Language and Literature3
ENGL 44417th Century English Poetry3
ENGL 455Restoration and 18th Century Drama3
ENGL 492Seminar in Comparative Literature3
ENGL 493Seminar in American Literature3
ENGL 494Seminar in English Literature3
ENWR 205Creative Nonfiction3
ENWR 212Introduction to Poetry Writing3
ENWR 213Introduction to Fiction Writing3
ENWR 215Beginning Drama Workshop3
ENWR 250Special Topics in Creative Writing3
ENWR 301Cooperative Education (English)4-8
ENWR 311Intermediate Fiction Workshop3
ENWR 312Intermediate Poetry Workshop3
ENWR 318Intermediate Drama Workshop3
ENWR 371Teaching Writing in the Public Schools3
ENWR 385Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing3
ENWR 411Advanced Fiction Workshop3
ENWR 412Advanced Poetry Workshop3
ENWR 491Seminar in Creative Writing3
JOUR 216History of Journalism in America3
LNGN 220Structure of American English3
LNGN 230Language in Society3
LNGN 284History of the English Language3

General Education Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill General Education categories.

A. New Student Seminar
Complete a 1 credit New Student Seminar1
C. Communication
1. Writing 3
2. Literature3
3. Communication3
D. Fine and Performing Arts
Complete a 3 credit Fine and Performing Arts course.3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences3
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives 3
G. Computer Science
Complete a 3 credit Computer Science course.3
H. Mathematics
Complete a 3 credit Mathematics course.3
I. Natural Science Laboratory
Complete a 4 credit Natural Science Laboratory course.4
J. Physical Education
Complete a 1 credit Physical Education course.1
K. Social Science
1. American and European History 3
2. Global Cultural Perspectives3
3. Social Science Perspectives 3
Students in P12 Subject Area Teaching programs complete EDFD 200 as part of the Teacher Education sequence.
L. Interdisciplinary Studies
Complete a 3 credit Interdisciplinary Studies course.3
Students in P12 Subject Area Teaching programs complete SASE 210 as part of the Teacher Education sequence.
Total Credits42

World Languages and Cultures Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill World Languages and Cultures categories.

World Languages
Based on language placement exam, complete one or two sequential courses in the same language. Requirement is automatically fulfilled by language major courses.3-6
World Cultures
Requirement may be fulfilled by course selected in General Education - Social Science: Global Cultural Perspectives. Requirement may also be fulfilled by major coursework. See list of courses.0-3
Total Credits3-9

Recommended Roadmap to Degree Completion

This recommended four-year plan is provided as an outline for students to follow in order to complete their degree requirements within four years.  This plan is a recommendation and students should only use it in consultation with their academic advisor.

First Year
GNED 1991GENERAL EDUCATION (C2) Literature - ENGL110, ENGL 111, or ENGL 1143
WRIT 1053GENERAL EDUCATION (F1) Humanities – Great Works and Their Influences - ENGL 116 or ENGL 1173
CMST 1013GENERAL EDUCATION (F2) Humanities – Philosophical and Religious Perspectives3
GENERAL EDUCATION (D) Fine and Performing Arts (ENFL 208 recommended)3GENERAL EDUCATION (G) Computer Science3
GENERAL EDUCATION (H) Mathematics3GENERAL EDUCATION (K1) Social Science – American and European History3
GENERAL EDUCATION (K3) Social Science – Social Science Perspectives3 
 16 15
Second Year
World Cultures - ENGL 237, ENGL 238, ENGL 274, or ENGL 2943GENERAL EDUCATION (I) Natural Science Laboratory4
World Languages 13World Languages 23
GENERAL EDUCATION (K2) Social Science – Global Cultural Perspectives (ENGL 230 if offered)3English Major course: post-19003
GENERAL EDUCATION (L) Interdisciplinary Studies3Free Elective3
English Major course: pre-19003Free Elective3
 15 16
Third Year
ENGL 3003GENERAL EDUCATION (J) Physical Education1
English Major Course: pre-18003English major course: pre-17003
Free Elective3English major course: any period, 300-level3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
 Free Elective3
 15 16
Fourth Year
English Major course: 300 or 400 level3English Major course: 300 or 400 level3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Free Elective3 
 15 12
Total Credits 120