Psychology Major (B.A.)(Combined B.A./M.A. Psychological Sciences)

The BA/MA in Psychology is an accelerated program. It is designed for high achieving students who wish to obtain both their BA and MA in five years. It is best suited for students who know they want to pursue either a doctorate in psychology or who want to obtain intensive training in research design and data analysis for entry-level positions in data-driven industries such as health, pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, advertising or consulting. Prospective applicants join an advising cohort as freshmen and formally apply to the program in the winter of their junior year. Please visit the BA/MA Program website for the required undergraduate/graduate sequence of courses, overall program outline, and other important Program requirements, guidelines, and procedures.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Requirements for the graduate portion of this dual degree program can be found here.

Complete with minimum grades of C- in all PSYC courses in the following requirement(s):

Required Courses - Undergraduate
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 203Introduction to Psychological Research3
PSYC 220Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology4
PSYC 301Experimental Psychology4
Biological Basis of Behavior
Select one of the following:3
Physiological Psychology
Comparative Animal Behavior
Select one of the following:3
Human Learning and Memory
PSYC 358
Select one of the following:3
Developmental Psychology I
Psychological Foundations of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Select one of the following:3
Health Psychology
Social Psychology
Psychology Of Work: Personnel Psychology
Psychology 0f Work: Organizational Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Collateral Courses
STAT 442Fundamentals of Modern Statistics II3
STAT 481Introduction to Statistical Data Mining3
PSYC 491Independent Study I: Research3
or PSYC 492 Independent Study II: Research
Required Graduate Courses
PSYC 510Research Methods in Psychology 13
PSYC 578Psychometrics 13
Select one of the following: 13
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Theories of Learning
Behavioral Neuroscience
Sensation and Perception
Lifespan Psychopathology
Total Credits44