African-American Studies Minor

The undergraduate minor in African-American studies is an interdisciplinary academic program designed to be complementary to any of the undergraduate majors of Montclair State. The African-American and African syntheses within the context of African, American and European culture are presented with their transcultural, interethnic and intellectual traditions-providing an appreciation of the heritage, arts, sciences and values on non-European and non-Euro-American groups. The African-American Studies program will also provide for Black students a greater knowledge of self, self-respect and self-esteem. African-American Studies for other students will build knowledge and awareness of African-American history, African-American culture and African-American people. Students who are interested in completing the requirements of the minor are urged to consult with the director about their programs.

Program Requirements

AFAM 100Introduction to Black Studies3
HIST 108Introduction to African Civilization3
or HIST 217 African American History
PSYC 246Psychology of the Black Experience3
or SOCI 102 Racial and Ethnic Relations
Select 9 credits from the following: 19
The Black Woman: An Introductory Course
African-American Art
African Art: Sub-Saharan
Worlds of Dance
Geography of Sub-Sahara Africa
Economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa
Black Writers in the United States: A Survey
African Myth and Literature
Poverty and Families
Africa in Classical Antiquity
Introduction to African Civilization
African American History
Diversity In Business
Introduction to Jazz
Rap and Rock as Cultural Phenomena
Influence of Afro-American Culture on Music
Government and Politics of Africa
Black Politics in America
Psychology of the Black Experience
African Religions
Africana Religions in the Americas
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Urban Sociology
Total Credits18

ECON 250, ENGL 493, RELG 280 & RELG 382 may also be used if the topic is relevant.