Myth Studies Minor

The Minor in Myth Studies is an 18 credit program available to undergraduate students from any major. This minor is intended to provide students with an opportunity to focus on a field which is integral to the study of culture but which is rarely available as a curriculum in itself: the study of myth and mythology, together with related genres like folklore, legend, oral tradition and ritual, as approached by disciplines such as literature, classics, religion, philosophy, drama, and art.  Courses will cover topics In Classical Mythology, Troy and the Trojan War, Greek Tragedy, Celtic Mythology, Native American Religions, and more. The program enables students to distinguish themselves as specially trained in the narrative and symbolic foundations of culture and their continued influence on the contemporary world: knowledge and skills held in high regard by graduate schools, teacher’s colleges, and employers in media and the creative arts.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
HUMN 285Mythology3
HUMN 490Principles of Mythic Symbolism3
Select four of the following. Elective substitutions may be possible with permission of the program coordinator. 112
Myth and Literature
Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as Literature
African Myth and Literature
Fairy Tales from Grimm to Disney
Troy and the Trojan War
Celtic Mythology
Viking Mythology
Mythic Traditions
The Mythology of JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth
Greek Tragedy
Asian Texts
Native American Religion
Myth, Meaning and Self
Total Credits18