Public and Digital History Minor

The minor in Public and Digital History provides students with a specialized course of study designed to prepare them for a wide array of careers that involve, either directly or indirectly, the presentation and communication of historical knowledge. The sequence of required courses will furnish students with a fundamental understanding of historical inquiry, an enhanced capacity for critical thinking, competency in research and writing, and proficiency in web design and other technical skills.  The minor prepares individuals for employment in public history broadly defined -including, but not limited to, historical societies, museums, historical preservation agencies, and other cultural institutions engaged in educational activities. The applied training provided by this program is useful for individuals seeking employment in the New York metropolitan area's vibrant media and culture industries.

Program Requirements

HIST 100Writing History3
HIST 270Digital History3
HIST 290Historical Thinking and Communication3
HIST 466Historical Geographic Information Systems and Mapping3
HIST 461Capstone in Public History3
Complete 1 course from the following:3
Internship in History
Historical Archives and Special Collections
Total Credits18