Anthropology Minor

Minors may participate in ANTH 490, with the consent of the department and program coordinator. The internship  is over and beyond the minimum 18 credits required by the minor.

Program Requirements

ANTH 100Cultural Anthropology3
Select 15 credits from the following:15
Physical Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Disability Studies, Rights, and Culture
Anthropology of Multicultural America
Cultures of the Middle East
Native North Americans
Anthropology of Globalization
Cultures of South Asia
Anthropology of Conflict and Violence
Non-Western Contributions to the Western World
Cultures of Latin America
The Anthropology of Race
Health and Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective
Key Issues in Anthropology
Applied Anthropology
Disability in US Popular Culture
Indigenous Languages and Lifeways
Urban Anthropology
Historical Archaeology
Methods in Anthropological Research and Practice
Immigration: An Anthropological Perspective
Caribbean Archaeology
North American Archaeology
The Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
The Anthropology of Work
Anthropology of Aging and the Aged
Environmental Anthropology
Experimental Archaeology
Anthropology: Gender and Sexuality
Anthropology of Childhood and Youth
Seminar in Anthropological Theory
Planetary Health
Public Archaeology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Communities in Transition
Environment and Community
Community and Health
Building Sustainable Communities
Analyzing Ethnographic Discourse and Interaction
Medical Anthropology
Field Methods: Visual Anthropology
Archaeological Field Methods
Independent Research in Anthropology
Total Credits18