Sociology Minor

The 18 credit Sociology minor can be usefully combined with other majors such as Social Work, Psychology, Family Science and Human Development for students interested in human services, and with a variety of other majors.

Program Requirements

SOCI 100Introduction to Sociology3
Select 0-9 credits from the following:0-9
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Sociology of the Family
Individual and Society
Social Problems
Foundations of Sociological Inquiry
Men and Masculinities
Sociology of Technology
Sociology of Sports
Sociology of Aging
Sociology of Rich and Poor Nations
Sociology of Conflict and Violence
Statistics for Social Research
Cooperative Education in Sociology
Select 6-15 credits from the following:6-15
Sociological Research Methods I
Interviews and Focus Groups
Large Scale Organizations
Sociology of Work and Professions
Sociology of Health and Illness
Directed Independent Research
Urban Sociology
Environmental Sociology
Sociological Theory: A Critical Analysis
Environmental Justice
Social Inequality
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Population
Political Sociology
Sociology and Social Work
Social Change in a Global World
Religion, Culture, and Society
Senior Project
Sociology of Emotions
Deviance and Social Control
Sociology of the Mass Media
Social Movements
Special Topics in Sociology
Sociology of Law
Sociology of Sexuality
Sociology of Gender
Total Credits18