Linguistics Major, Language Engineering Concentration (B.A.)

The 51-52 credit Linguistics major with a concentration in Language Engineering is for students who love language, are analytically-inclined, detail-oriented and good at identifying patterns and would like a a career in the growing field of language and technology.   The program provides training in the technical aspects of linguistics, meeting a growing market demand for entry-level technology positions.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Required Courses
Complete 18 credits from the following:18
Introduction to General Linguistics
Structure of American English
Language in Society
Language and Culture
Language Technologies Concentration
Complete 15-16 credits from the following:15-16
Language and Computers
Speech Processing
Quantitative Linguistics
Scripting Tools for Text Analysis
Linguistic Annotation
Corpus Linguistics
Natural Language Processing
Discrete Mathematics
Other Electives
Complete 3 credits from the following:3
Language of Food
Language in Society
Language and Culture
Languages of the World
Language of Propaganda
Language and Gender
History of Linguistics
History of the English Language
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Principles of Discourse Analysis
Principles of Second Language Learning
Linguistics of American Sign Language and Other Signed Languages
Gesture, Sign, and Speech: The Multi-Modality of Communication
Comparative and Historical Linguistics
Language and the Mind
Field Methods
Selected Topics in Linguistics
Selected Topics in Linguistics
Independent Study
Independent Study
Seminar in Cognitive Science
Total Credits36-37