English with Teacher Certification in Elementary School Teacher Grades K-6 (B.A.) (Combined B.A./M.A. English)

A Combined Degree program enables undergraduate students to enroll in graduate courses in their senior year, which can be counted towards the completion of both their Bachelor's and Master's degree requirements.  The ability to take these "swing courses" allows students to earn both their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a shortened period of time, typically within five years of intensive study.  Undergraduate students interested in this option can find more information regarding program requirements on the University's Combined Programs website.

Students who wish to pursue K-6 teacher certification in Elementary Education must apply to and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Please visit the Teacher Education Program website for the required professional sequence of courses and other important Program requirements, guidelines, and procedures. Students also are strongly advised to review the Teacher Education Program Handbook. Prerequisites for admission to a teacher preparation program in English and current requirements may be obtained in the English Department or at montclair.edu/chss/english/.

120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA.  Major GPA requirements differ depending on field of study. Consult the Teacher Education Program Handbook for more information.

Program Requirements Overview

General Education Requirements15
World Languages and Cultures Requirements3-6
Major Requirements including Graduate Swing Courses45
Teacher Education Program Requirements60
Free Electives
Total Credits123-126

Major Requirements

Requirements for the graduate portion of this combined program can be found here.
Required Courses
ENGL 110Introduction to Literature: The Analytic Essay3
or ENGL 111 Introduction to Literature: The Short Story
or ENGL 113 Introduction to Literature: Bestsellers and Popular Fiction
or ENGL 114 Introduction to Literature: Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
ENGL 116World Literature: The Coming of Age Theme3
or ENGL 117 World Literature: Voices of Tradition and Challenge
ENGL 237Black Women Writers: US3
or ENGL 238 Black Writers in the United States: A Survey
or ENGL 274 Contemporary U.S. Literature of Immigration
or ENGL 294 Women Poets
or ENGL 366 African Myth and Literature
or ENGL 367 Contemporary African Literature
ENGL 300Critical Approaches to English3
ENFL 208Introduction to the Film3
Required Graduate Swing Courses
ENGL 506Seminar in Literary Research3
ENGL 507Theoretical Approaches to Literature3
Select one course Graduate elective from the list below.3
English Requirements by Advisement
Student choice based on the following guidelines. Individual courses may meet more than one category. 121
1. Literature
Pre-1700, Pre-1800, Pre-1900, Post-1900, or Any Time Period
2. Genre Study
Drama, Poetry, Film, Fiction
3. Additional Categories
International Issues, Ethnic Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Class Issues
Total Credits45

Graduate Elective

ENGL 500Old English Literature3
ENGL 501Seminar in American Literature3
ENGL 502Seminar in British Literature3
ENGL 503Graduate Writing Seminar3
ENGL 504Seminar in Teaching Literature3
ENGL 505Chaucer3
ENGL 508Shakespeare Studies: Tragedies3
ENGL 509Shakespeare Studies: Comedies3
ENGL 510Shakespeare Studies: Histories3
ENGL 511Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama3
ENGL 515Seventeenth Century Literature: Poetry3
ENGL 518Milton3
ENGL 521The Augustan Age3
ENGL 525The English Novel from Defoe to Austen3
ENGL 529British Romanticism I: Wordsworth and Coleridge3
ENGL 531Victorian Studies I: Prose3
ENGL 532Victorian Studies II: Novel3
ENGL 533Victorian Studies III: Poetry3
ENGL 535Turn-of-the-Century British Writers3
ENGL 540The Modern British Novel3
ENGL 541Modern British and Irish Poetry3
ENGL 542The Irish Renaissance3
ENGL 550Studies in Early American Literature3
ENGL 555American Romanticism3
ENGL 556Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville3
ENGL 557American Realism3
ENGL 560Modern American Fiction3
ENGL 561Modern American Poetry3
ENGL 563Recent American Fiction3
ENGL 564American Drama3
ENGL 565Black American Women Writers3
ENGL 570Teaching Literature through the Critical Essay3
ENGL 571Teaching Methods (Secondary English)4
ENGL 597Independent Study in British Literature3
ENGL 598Independent Study in American Literature3
ENLT 502Seminar in International Literature3
ENLT 515Ancient Tragedy3
ENLT 516Ancient Comedy3
ENLT 517Ancient Epic3
ENLT 520The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as Literature3
ENLT 535The Enlightenment in Europe3
ENLT 536The Romantic Movement3
ENLT 565Ibsen, Strindberg, and Shaw3
ENLT 569Major Writers of Africa and the African Diaspora3
ENLT 570The Modern Novel3
ENLT 571Trends in the Contemporary Novel3
ENLT 572Modern Movements in the Arts3
ENLT 577Special Topics in Film Studies3
ENLT 578Science Fiction3
ENLT 599Independent Study: International Literature3

Teacher Education Program Requirements

Teacher Education Program Requirements (Teacher Certification in Elementary School Teacher Grades K-6)

General Education Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill General Education categories.

A. New Student Seminar
Complete a 1 credit New Student Seminar course.1
C. Communication
1. Writing 3
2. Literature - Fulfilled in the major
Introduction to Literature: The Analytic Essay
Introduction to Literature: The Short Story
Introduction to Literature: Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
3. Communication
Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement (Fulfilled in the Teacher Education sequence.)
D. Fine and Performing Arts
Introduction to the Film (Fulfilled in the major.)
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences - Fulfilled in the major
World Literature: The Coming of Age Theme
World Literature: Voices of Tradition and Challenge
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives
Philosophical Orientation to Education (Fulfilled in the Teacher Education sequence.)
G. Computer Science
Complete a 3 credit Computer Science course.3
H. Mathematics
Mathematics in Elementary Schools I (Fulfilled in the Teacher Education sequence.)
I. Natural Science Laboratory
Complete a 4 credit Natural Science Laboratory course that also fulfills the Teacher Education Health/Hygiene requirement.4
J. Physical Education
Complete a 1 credit Physical Education course.1
K. Social Science
1. American and European History
Historical Foundations of American Education (Fulfilled in the Teacher Education sequence.)
2. Global Cultural Perspectives3
3. Social Science Perspectives
Introduction to Psychology (Fulfilled in the Teacher Education sequence.)
L. Interdisciplinary Studies
Perspectives on Early Childhood and Elementary Education in a Democracy (Fulfilled in the Teacher Education sequence.)
Total Credits15

World Languages and Cultures Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill World Languages and Cultures categories.

World Languages3-6
Based on placement exam complete one or two sequential courses in the same language.
World Cultures
Fulfilled in the major.
Black Women Writers: US
Black Writers in the United States: A Survey
Contemporary U.S. Literature of Immigration
Women Poets
Total Credits3-6

Recommended Roadmap to Degree(s)

This recommended five-year plan is provided as an outline for students to follow in order to complete their degree requirements within five years.  This plan is a recommendation and students should only use it in consultation with their academic advisor.

Fifth year courses are taken at the graduate level, after matriculation into the graduate portion of this combined degree program.

First Year
GENERAL EDUCATION: (A) New Student Seminar1GENERAL EDUCATION: (C2) Literature3
 4 6
Second Year
 EDFD 2203
 MTHM 2013
Third Year
ECEL 2793ECEL 4083
FSHD 3143ECSE 3393
MTHM 3023 
READ 3993 
 12 6
Fourth Year
ECEL 4102ECEL 4149
ECEL 4121ECEL 4213
ECEL 4273 
READ 4083 
 9 12
Total Credits 55