French Minor

French is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, with over 350 million daily speakers. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, and dozens of non-governmental organizations. Montclair State University’s French program provides courses that develop language skills, literary appreciation, and an understanding of French-speaking people and their cultures. French minors may elect to follow a liberal arts emphasis or to specialize in Business French. Extracurricular activities and study abroad opportunities are available. Students may contact Dr. Lois Oppenheim or Dr. Kathleen Loysen for more information.

Program Requirements

Required Core
All students with prior knowledge of French will take the placement test. If they place out of any courses in the Required Core, other elective courses will be substituted. The total number of 36 credits will remain the same.
FREN 101Beginning French I3
FREN 112Beginning French II3
FREN 121Intermediate French3
FREN 203Mastering French3
Select two courses from the list below.6
Total Credits18


FREN 202Seventeenth Century French Theater3
FREN 205Perfecting French Pronunciation3
FREN 206French Conversation3
FREN 208Mediterranean Civilization and the Origins of French Culture3
FREN 210Reading and Writing about Literature in French3
FREN 211Eighteenth Century French Theater3
FREN 270The Art of Writing in French3
FREN 283Introduction to Women Authors of French-Speaking Africa3
FREN 286French Film3
FREN 289Francophone Film3
FREN 302Inventing France: From the Gauls to the Revolution3
FREN 304French Civilization from Napoleon to World War II3
FREN 315Dada And Surrealism3
FREN 321Business French I3
FREN 325Structure of the French Language3
FREN 330Advanced Spoken Language Practice3
FREN 332Business French II3
FREN 334Seventeenth Century French Literature3
FREN 335The French Renaissance3
FREN 336Eighteenth Century French Literature3
FREN 339Nineteenth Century French Literature3
FREN 340Survey of French Poetry3
FREN 341Contemporary French Drama3
FREN 345Development of French Novel to 19003
FREN 349Francophone Literature3
FREN 350Translation I3
FREN 351Translation II3
FREN 352Twentieth Century French Literature3
FREN 360France from World War II to the Present3
FREN 365Introduction to Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting3
FREN 367Seminars3
FREN 368Seminars3
FREN 369Seminars3
FREN 371Explication De Texte3
FREN 375French Study Abroad3-9
FREN 380Cooperative Education for the French Major4-8
FREN 410Advanced French Grammar3
FREN 418Theories and Approaches to Teaching French as a Second Language3
FREN 419Teaching French in P-12: Practice3
FREN 452Translation III3
FREN 453Introduction to Computer-Assisted Translation3
FREN 470Seminars3
FREN 472French Language Workshop3
FREN 478Independent Study1-3

Minor Roadmap

First Year
FREN 1013FREN 1123
 3 3
Second Year
FREN 1213FREN 2033
 Minor Elective3
 Minor Elective3
 3 9
Total Credits 18