University Facilities

Office of the Vice President

  • SHAWN M. CONNOLLY, M.S. Eng., Vice President
  • CAROLEN AMARANTE, B.S., Director of Facilities Financial Management
  • YOLANDA BRANDON, M.S., Director of Facilities Strategic Operations
  • JOANA DOS SANTOS, M.B.A., Associate Director of Facilities Learning & Development
  • CARISSA DUNN, M.B.A., Assistant Director of Facilities Financial Management
  • ANA A. PINTO, M.S., C.E.M., C.E.A.M., LEED GA, ┬áDirector of Energy Management
  • LYNARKAH STEPHEN, M.A., Director of Facilities Human Resources

Capital Planning and Project Management

  • MICHAEL ZANKO, B.S., Associate Vice President
  • FRANK CUNHA, B.Arch., AIA., LEED GA, Director of Architecture Services
  • CHRISTOPHER DANISH, B.S., Director of Project Engineering
  • ELLEN GALLAGHER, B.S.L.A., Assistant Project Manager
  • KATHRYN LANSINGER, B.S., Project Manager - Architecture
  • SHARON MAHONEY, M.S.E., Director of Construction Management
  • ADAM MCGUIRE, B.Eng., Assistant Project Manager - Engineering
  • ANTHONY J. MENNUTI, B.F.A., CAFM and Mapping Services Manager
  • VICTOR MISARTI, B.Arch., M.B.A., AIA, LEED GA, Senior Project Manager
  • ERIN MURRAY, B.A., NCIDQ, Senior Space Planner/Interior Designer
  • HENRY ORNOVITZ, B.S. Civil Eng., Senior Project Manager

Environmental Health and Safety

  • AMY FERDINAND, Ph.D., Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • BRADLEY DEMO, B.S., Assistant Director of Environmental Health & Safety

Facilities Maintenance and Engineering

  • JOSEPH MARZULLO, B.S., Associate Vice President
  • EARL FARRELL, B.S., B. Arch., Director of Building Repairs
  • ROBERT HELLANDER, B.Elec.Eng., Director of Electrical Services

Facilities Logistic Support

  • WILLIAM FITZPATRICK, B.A., Assistant Vice President
  • JOHN BONIN, Executive Director of Facilities Information Technology
  • BEN CECA, Assistant Director of Fleet Services
  • KWOK CHEUNG, M.S., Systems Technician
  • WILLIAM HAUSMANN, Assistant Director of Facilities Information Technology
  • BENEDICTO OMUYA, M.B.A., CAPP, CPP, Director of Parking and Transportation Services

Facilities Services

  • LEONARD JONES, M.P.A., Assistant Vice President
  • JACQUELINE ALVAREZ, Assistant Director of Building Services
  • LAVONE BROXTON, Associate Director of Postal and Warehouse Services
  • STEPHEN RUGGIERO, Director of Grounds and Landscaping
  • PREYA SANASIE, Assistant Director of Building Services

Fire Safety

  • ROBERT FERRARA, A.A.S., Director of Fire Safety