Human Resources

  • JERRY M. CUTLER, J.D. Vice President for Human Resources
  • MARISOL DE LA PAZ,  A.S., Administrative Assistant for Vice President
  • CATHERINE BONGO, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President for HR Operations
  • LYNARKAH STEPHEN, M.A., Assistant Director of Staffing & Employee Relations

Employee Relations

  • GILBERT RIVERA, M.P.A., Assistant Vice President

Office of Employee Services for Payroll & Benefits

  • PATRICIA KELLY, B.S., Director of Employee Services for Payroll/Benefits
  • DAVID HOULIHAN, B.A., Associate Director of Payroll
  • LEENA VARUGHESE, B.A., Associate Director of Benefits
  • KALPANA PATEL, B.S., Payroll Coordinator
  • TROY LOPEZ, Principal Payroll Clerk
  • CARLA DURANTE, Senior Payroll Clerk
  • BETTY PAULINO, Benefits Representative
  • DIANE GASPARATOS, B.A., Program Assistant

Talent Management

  • KEESHA CHAVIS, M.A., Director, University Staffing Services
  • MONICA TEJEDA, B.A., Director, Talent Acquisition
  • BINDU JOHN, B.A., Associate Director of Classification, Compensation & Performance
  • LORIE FRIEDMAN, Workday Operations Manager
  • ZOILA ROSARIO, B.A., HR Coordinator
  • KAREN ANN BRACK, B.A., HR Coordinator
  • CARMEN LOPEZ, B.A., HR Coordinator
  • KISHA PEACE, HR Assistant

Compliance, Organizational Development, and Training

  • JUNEA WILLIAMS-EDMUND, J.D., Director of Compliance
  • CHARLES MATTEIS, M.B.A., Director of Organizational Development and Training
  • LORIN MASK, M.A., Director, Learning & Development


  • MARC SEMLER, M.S., HR Database Manager

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity

  • BARBARA J. MILTON, M.H.S., Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity