Human Resources

  • DAVID L. VERNON, M.B.A., Vice President for Human Resources
  • MEGHAN AITKEN, B.A., Executive Assistant to Vice President for Human Resources

Talent Acquisition

  • MONICA TEJADA, B.A., Director of Talent Acquisition
  • KIMBERLY BALL, B.A., Recruiter
  • ZOILA ROSARIO, M.B.A., Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • KAREN ANN BRACK, B.A., Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • CARMEN LOPEZ, B.A., Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Compliance & Labor Relations

  • QIANA WATSON, J.D., Associate Vice President of Compliance and Labor Relations

Labor and Employee Relations

  • CARLY HAMILTON, J.D., Director of Labor Relations
  • SABA MAHER, J.D., Investigations and Employee Relations Specialist

Equal Employment Opportunity & Title IX

  • ASHANTE CONNOR, Ed.D., Director of Equity and Title IX Coordinator
  • VACANT, Compliance Assistant


  • LYNARKAH STEPHEN, M.A., Director of Human Resources for University Facilities
  • NIA ROGERS, M.P.A., Facilities Human Resources Specialist

Learning, Development & Performance

  • VACANT, Director of Learning and Development
  • VACANT, Learning and Development Associate

Payroll, Benefits, Classification/Compensation/Performance

  • VALERIE HUNTER, M.Div., Associate Vice President of Benefits, Compensation, and Payroll


  • JASON MARTINELLO, B.A., Director of Payroll
  • KALPANA PATEL, B.S., Payroll Specialist
  • STEPHANIE DILONE, B.A., Payroll Specialist
  • VACANT, Payroll Coordinator


  • BETTY PAULINO, Director of Benefits
  • ZANIA CHAMBERS, M.B.A., Benefits Specialist
  • MARLENE KROBATSCH, B.S., Benefits Specialist
  • TROY LOPEZ, Benefits Coordinator
  • JANET DOYLE, B.A., Benefits Coordinator
  • VACANT, Benefits Coordinator
  • VACANT, Benefits Coordinator

Classification, Compensation & Performance

  • VERONICA RUIZ, M.S., Director of Classification and Compensation
  • VACANT, Classification and Compensation Analyst
  • AIME BECERRA, B.S., Classification and Compensation Analyst


  • JILLIAN PUSTELNIAK, B.S., Human Resources Business Systems Analyst

Front Desk

  • RUDGERRY GUILLAUME, B.S., Human Resources Administrative Assistant