University Writing Requirement

Written work is an important part of the University curriculum because writing offers students the opportunity to think deeply and searchingly about their subjects and because skill in written expression is crucial to the welfare of both individuals and society. The University policy regarding written work includes the following requirements and provisions:

  1. As part of the General Education Requirement, each student must satisfy the communication and literature requirements in writing. The courses that fulfill these requirements can be found here.
  2. All students must satisfy the Graduation Writing Requirement. Each department must evaluate the writing ability of its majors by means of a required course (or choice of courses) with substantial writing assignments.  Students should consult their University academic advisor or major department chairperson regarding this course and other aspects of the department’s writing policy. Click the "Writing Requirement Courses" tab for a list of which courses fulfill the GWR.
  3. The Center for Writing Excellence (located in Bohn Hall) is available to all Montclair State students who are committed to developing themselves as writers. Consultations are also available to all faculty.
ACCT 304Contemporary Issues in Intermediate Accounting3
ANTH 200Key Issues in Anthropology3
ANTH 201Applied Anthropology3
AQUA 490Senior Seminar3
ATTR 211Assessment of Athletic Injuries I - Lower Body3
BCOM 280Strategic Business Communications3
BIOL 380Genetics4
CHEM 343Experimental Physical Chemistry2
CHEM 495The Chemical Literature1
CMDA 220Writing for the Media3
CMST 433Seminar in Public Relations3
CSIT 212Data Structures and Algorithms3
CSIT 460Computer Security3
DNCE 317Explorations in American Dance History3
EAES 202Introduction to Sustainability Science3
EAES 320Igneous Metamorphic Petrology4
EAES 390Research Methods3
EAES 391Quantitative Methods in Geography and Urban Studies3
ENGL 300Critical Approaches to English3
EXSC 255Research Methods and Data Interpretation3
FINC 490Advanced Investment Analysis3
FREN 270The Art of Writing in French3
FREN 350Translation I3
FREN 351Translation II3
FREN 452Translation III3
FSHD 445Poverty and Families3
GSWS 402Sexuality, and Women's Studies3
HIST 100Writing History3
HLTH 330Health Education Methods3
HPEM 352Development and Philosophy of Health and Physical Education3
HSET 490Senior Seminar in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HUMN 201General Humanities I (to 1400)3
HUMN 202General Humanities II (from 1400)3
HUMN 281Greek Civilization3
INBS 484Senior Seminar in International Business3
ITAL 243Italian Grammar and Composition II3
JURI 324Legal Reasoning3
JUST 205Perspectives on Justice Studies3
LATN 302Latin Literature of the Golden Age3
LATN 303Latin Literature of the Silver Age3
LATN 304Latin Literature of the Middle Ages3
LAWS 362Legal Writing3
LNGN 300Syntax3
MEDH 301Medicine, Literature and Illness3
MGMT 316Human Resource Management3
MKTG 442Marketing Research3
MKTG 483Seminar in Retail Management3
MUHS 307Music in Time, Place and Ideas: Up to 17003
MUHS 308Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1700-18903
MUHS 407Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1890 to Present3
MUHS 409Honors - Music in Time, Place and Ideas: 1890 to Present3
NUFD 452Organization and Management of Foodservice Systems3
PHIL 324Legal Reasoning3
PHIL 331History of Philosophy: Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 333History of Philosophy: Modern Philosophy3
PHYS 280Astronomy for Physicists4
PHYS 300Junior/Senior Physics Seminar1
PHYS 310Advanced Mechanics3
PHYS 350Modern Optics4
POLS 201Comparative Politics3
PSYC 301Experimental Psychology4
RELG 267Women and Religion3
RELG 275Inter-religious Encounters3
SOCI 201Foundations of Sociological Inquiry4
SPAN 242Spanish Composition and Stylistics3
SPAN 350Theory and Practice of Translation3
SPAN 351Fundamentals of Specialized Translation3
SPAN 420Audiovisual Translation3
THTR 208Drama in Text3
THTR 210Theatre History: Early World3
THTR 211Theater History: Modern World3
VIST 105Global Foundations in Art and Visual Culture3
VIST 106Modern Visions 1400-19453
WRIT 208Digital Writing: Composing with Text, Image, and Sound3