Visual Arts Minor

The Visual Arts Minor is for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing art studies in conjunction with their non-studio major. The minor provides an overview of art as a discipline, fostering an introduction to art history and design and careers in the arts, as well as providing experience in a variety of studio areas. The curriculum may complement or enhance a related field of study or satisfy an independent area of interest. The program is based in the Department of Art and Design.

Program Requirements

Select one of the following:3
Concept, Process and Application
Select one of the following:3
Selected Masterpieces of World Art
Women and Art
African-American Art
Research Methods in Art History
History of Textiles
Renaissance Art in Italy: The Fifteenth Century
Global Foundations in Art and Visual Culture
Modern Visions 1400-1945
Special Topics in Global Art Cultures
Modern Philosophies of Art
Theories of Looking: Critical Theory and Visual Culture
Select four of the following: 112
Objects in Clay
Objects in Clay: Ceramics
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced
Perceptual Drawing
Life Drawing, Beginning I
Drawing II
Life Drawing, Beginning II
Drawing, Intermediate
Life Drawing, Intermediate
Drawing, Advanced
Visual Communication Design Studio I
Visual Communication Design Studio II
Typography I
Visual Communication Design Studio III
Design Visualization I - Concept Sketching
Design Visualization III - Digital Sketching
Design Visualization IV - Adobe CS
Digital Modeling: 3D CAD I
Illustration Studio: Concepts
Art of the Visual Narrative
Accessory Design for Majors
Metalwork and Jewelry
Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate
Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced
Painting II
Painting, Advanced
Digital Photo and Imaging I
Photography II
Digital Photo and Imaging II
Printmaking II
Etching and Relief Printing
Screen Printing
Book Arts Introduction
Printmaking, Intermediate
Printmaking, Advanced
3D and Extended Media
Sculpture: Clay, Introduction A
Sculpture: Clay, Introduction B
Sculpture, Intermediate
Sculpture: Clay, Intermediate
Sculpture, Advanced
Sculpture: Clay, Advanced
Filmmaking I
Digital Filmmaking I
Story Analysis and Introduction to Screenwriting
Film Making II
Narrative Film and TV Editing
Long Form and Episodic Documentary Workshop
Advanced Screenwriting
History of Animation and Illustration
Total Credits18

Students may select different studios, or choose to focus on one medium