Visual Arts Major, Art Education Concentration (B.A.) (Combined B.A./M.A.T. with Teacher Certification in Art (Preschool-Grade 12) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities)

Program Overview

The Dual Degree Dual Certification program is a 5-year program that leads to teacher certification in Art (grades P-12), teacher certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities, a baccalaureate degree and a master’s degree. Interested students must apply to and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program as an undergraduate.

Students must successfully complete the undergraduate portion of the program in order to be admitted to the Graduate School and complete the one-year master’s portion of the program. Please visit the Teacher Education Program website for the required undergraduate professional sequence of courses, overall course outline, and other important Program requirements, guidelines, and procedures. Students also are strongly advised to review the Teacher Education Program Handbook.

A minimum of 120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA. However, more than 120 credits may be required depending upon the major field of study.

The program is based in the Department of Art and Design. For further information, go to: Visual Arts – Art Education Concentration (BA).

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Core Requirements
ARDW 200Drawing, Beginning I3
ARFD 122Foundations II: 2D Design3
ARFD 123Foundations III: Visual Organization - 3D Design3
ARFD 125Foundations V: Color, Light and Time3
ARHT 105Art in Western Civilization: Ancient Through Medieval3
ARHT 106Art in Western Civilization: Renaissance through Modern3
Visual Arts Required Courses
ARCE 200Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning I3
ARED 301Foundations of Methods and Curriculum in Art Education I: P-123
ARGD 200Graphic Design, Beginning I3
or ARGD 211 Fundamentals of Adobe Creative Suite - Mac
ARHT 101Art in Non-Western Societies3
ARHT 470Contemporary Art3
ARMJ 200Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning I3
ARPA 200Painting, Beginning I3
ARPH 200Photography Beginning I: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPM 200Printmaking, Beginning I3
ARSC 200Sculpture, Beginning I3
Studio Requirement
Select one of the following studio options:9
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning II
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced
Drawing, Beginning II
Drawing, Intermediate
Drawing, Advanced
Graphic Design
Graphic Design, Beginning II
Graphic Design, Intermediate
Select one of the following:
Graphic Design, Advanced I
Advertising Design
Publication Design
Package Design
Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning II
Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate
Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced
Painting, Beginning II
Painting, Intermediate
Painting, Advanced
Photography Beginning II: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Intermediate: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Advanced: Contemporary Art Form
Printmaking, Beginning II
Printmaking, Intermediate
Printmaking, Advanced
Sculpture, Beginning II
Sculpture, Intermediate
Sculpture, Advanced
Select one course from the list (see below)3
Graduate Course
ARED 525Art and Special Education 13
Total Credits63

Course will also count toward the MAT portion of this program.


ARCE 450Independent Study in Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture3
ARDW 301Life Drawing, Intermediate3
ARDW 401Life Drawing, Advanced3
ARDW 450Independent Study in Drawing3
ARDW 451Independent Study in Life Drawing3
ARGD 400Graphic Design, Advanced I3
ARGD 410Interactive Multimedia Design3
ARGD 421Typography II3
ARGD 422Advanced Computer Graphics3
ARGD 423Advertising Design3
ARGD 424Publication Design3
ARGD 425Web Page Design3
ARGD 434Package Design3
ARGD 435Graphic Design Co-Op Work Exp4
ARGD 460Graphic Design, Advanced II3
ARMJ 450Independent Study in Metalwork and Jewelry3
ARPA 450Independent Study in Painting3
ARPH 361Special Process in Photography4
ARPH 400Photography Advanced: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 451Independent Study in Photography: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 462The Color Print, A Contemporary Aesthetic Approach4
ARPH 463Commercial Photography4
ARPM 450Independent Study in Printmaking3
ARSC 320Sculpture: Fabrication Intermediate3
ARSC 321Sculpture: Clay, Intermediate3
ARSC 322Sculpture: Metal Casting, Intermediate3
ARSC 323Sculpture: Welding/Brazing, Intermediate3
ARSC 324Sculpture: Carving Intermediate3
ARSC 325Metals: Intermediate3
ARSC 326Sculpture: Modeling/Casting Intermediate3
ARSC 420Sculpture: Fabrication, Advanced3
ARSC 421Sculpture: Clay, Advanced3
ARSC 422Sculpture: Metal Casting, Advanced3
ARSC 423Sculpture: Welding/Brazing, Advanced3
ARSC 424Sculpture: Carving, Advanced3
ARSC 425Metals: Advanced3
ARSC 426Sculpture: Modeling/Casting, Advanced3
ARSC 450Independent Study: Sculpture3

Teacher Ed Program Requirements (P-12, Bachelor's/MAT) 

Teacher Ed Pre-Requisite Requirements
Health for Teacher Education
Select one of the following: 13-4
Biological Sciences
Biology for Survival
The Biology of Human Life
Human Heredity
Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology I
Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology II
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Personal Health Issues
Injury Prevention and Emergency Care
Study of Human Diseases
Perspectives on Drugs
Mental Health
Human Sexuality
Health Education Methods
School Health and Community Services
Counseling Skills for Public Health Professionals
Honors Seminar in Science
Honors Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Science
Principles and Practice of Emergency Care
Speech for Teacher Education
CMST 101Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement3
Additional Teacher Ed Pre-Requisites
EDFD 200Psychological Foundations of Education3
or PSYC 200 Educational Psychology
EDFD 220Philosophical Orientation to Education3
EDFD 221Historical Foundations of American Education3
Select one of the following:3
Public Purposes of Education: Democracy and Schooling
Public Purposes of Education: Democracy and Schooling
Public Purposes of Education: Democracy and Schooling
Undergraduate Professional Sequence I
SASE 305Teaching for Equity and Diversity3
SASE 312Educating English Language Learners1
SPED 279Foundation and Philosophy of Inclusive Education3
Undergraduate Professional Sequence II
READ 411Language Literacy3
SPED 367Language-Based Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms3
Undergraduate Professional Sequence III
SPED 469Inclusive Methods for Middle and Secondary Schools3
SPED 488Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in Inclusive Settings3
Graduate Sequence
SPED 566Creating Curricular Access for Adolescents with Disabilities 23
SPED 586Educational Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities 23
Total Credits43-44

Or pass the MSU Health Knowledge Test available through the Center of Pedagogy.


Courses will also count toward graduate portion of this program.