Visual Arts Major (B.A.)

Program Overview

The Visual Arts Major is most suited for students seeking a diversified academic experience combined with a focus in art. Approximately one-third of the curriculum is based in studio courses and two-thirds in general education subjects, allowing students to explore their studio concentration within the context of a broad liberal arts education. The program is based in the Department of Art and Design. For further information, go to: Visual Arts, (BA).

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Core Requirements
ARFD 121Foundations I: Concept, Process and Application3
ARFD 122Foundations II: 2D Design3
ARFD 123Foundations III: Visual Organization - 3D Design3
ARFD 124Foundations IV: Figure Drawing3
ARFD 125Foundations V: Color, Light and Time3
ARHT 105Art in Western Civilization: Ancient Through Medieval3
ARHT 106Art in Western Civilization: Renaissance through Modern3
ARGS 280Art Forum3
Studio Specialization
Select one of the following studio options:12
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning I
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning II
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate
Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced
Drawing, Beginning I
Drawing, Beginning II
Drawing, Intermediate
Drawing, Advanced
Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning I
Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning II
Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate
Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced
Painting, Beginning I
Painting, Beginning II
Painting, Intermediate
Painting, Advanced
Photography Beginning I: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Beginning II: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Intermediate: Contemporary Art Form
Photography Advanced: Contemporary Art Form
Printmaking, Beginning I
Printmaking, Beginning II
Printmaking, Intermediate
Printmaking, Advanced
Sculpture, Beginning I
Sculpture, Beginning II
Sculpture, Intermediate
Sculpture, Advanced
Studio Electives
Select two courses from the list (see below) 16
Art History Electives
Select one course in 2 areas of the following:6
Greek Art
Roman Art
Early Medieval Art: Early Christian, Byzantine Early Medieval
Medieval Art: Romanesque and Gothic
Renaissance Art in Italy: The Fifteenth Century
Renaissance Art in Italy: The Sixteenth Century
Northern Renaissance Painting
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Art
19th/20th Century
Modern Philosophies of Art
Art of the Nineteenth Century
Nineteenth Century American Painting
Twentieth-Century Art
Modern Architecture
Contemporary Art
Special Topics
Art in Non-Western Societies
Women and Art
African-American Art
Field Trip in Art History
Asian Art
African Art: Sub-Saharan
American Art
History of the Print
History of Photography 2
The Critical Approach
Total Credits48

You may continue in area of specialization or choose from different areas.


ARHT 302 fulfills this requirement only for students specializing in photography.

Studio Electives

ARCE 200Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning I3
ARCE 210Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Beginning II3
ARCE 300Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Intermediate3
ARCE 400Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced3
ARCE 450Independent Study in Ceramics: Pottery and Sculpture3
ARDW 200Drawing, Beginning I3
ARDW 201Life Drawing, Beginning I3
ARDW 210Drawing, Beginning II3
ARDW 211Life Drawing, Beginning II3
ARDW 300Drawing, Intermediate3
ARDW 301Life Drawing, Intermediate3
ARDW 400Drawing, Advanced3
ARDW 401Life Drawing, Advanced3
ARDW 450Independent Study in Drawing3
ARDW 451Independent Study in Life Drawing3
ARGD 200Graphic Design, Beginning I3
ARGD 211Fundamentals of Adobe Creative Suite - Mac3
ARGD 280Design in Visual Culture3
ARGS 260Visual Arts Workshop1-12
ARIL 220Illustration, Beginning I3
ARIL 230Illustration, Beginning II3
ARIL 280The World of Illustration and Animation3
ARMJ 200Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning I3
ARMJ 210Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning II3
ARMJ 300Metalwork and Jewelry, Intermediate3
ARMJ 400Metalwork and Jewelry, Advanced3
ARMJ 450Independent Study in Metalwork and Jewelry3
ARPA 200Painting, Beginning I3
ARPA 210Painting, Beginning II3
ARPA 260Figurative Painting3
ARPA 300Painting, Intermediate3
ARPA 400Painting, Advanced3
ARPA 450Independent Study in Painting3
ARPA 461Painting the Environment3
ARPH 200Photography Beginning I: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 201Digital Photo and Imaging I3
ARPH 210Photography Beginning II: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 211Digital Photo and Imaging II3
ARPH 260Photography Transparency Materials3
ARPH 300Photography Intermediate: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 361Special Process in Photography4
ARPH 400Photography Advanced: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 451Independent Study in Photography: Contemporary Art Form3
ARPH 462The Color Print, A Contemporary Aesthetic Approach4
ARPH 463Commercial Photography4
ARPM 200Printmaking, Beginning I3
ARPM 210Printmaking, Beginning II3
ARPM 220Digital Printmaking, Introduction A3
ARPM 260Etching and Relief Printing3
ARPM 261Lithography3
ARPM 262Screen Printing3
ARPM 263Book Arts Introduction3
ARPM 300Printmaking, Intermediate3
ARPM 400Printmaking, Advanced3
ARPM 450Independent Study in Printmaking3
ARSC 200Sculpture, Beginning I3
ARSC 210Sculpture, Beginning II3
ARSC 220Sculpture: Fabrication, Introduction A3
ARSC 221Sculpture: Clay, Introduction A3
ARSC 222Sculpture: Metal Casting, Introduction A3
ARSC 223Sculpture: Welding/Brazing Introduction A3
ARSC 224Sculpture: Carving, Introduction A3
ARSC 225Metals: Introduction A3
ARSC 226Sculpture: Modeling/Casting, Introduction A3
ARSC 230Sculpture: Fabrication, Introduction B3
ARSC 231Sculpture: Clay, Introduction B3
ARSC 232Sculpture: Metal Casting, Introduction B3
ARSC 233Sculpture: Welding/Brazing Introduction B3
ARSC 234Sculpture: Carving, Introduction B3
ARSC 235Metals: Introduction B3
ARSC 236Sculpture: Modeling/Casting, Introduction B3
ARSC 300Sculpture, Intermediate3
ARSC 320Sculpture: Fabrication Intermediate3
ARSC 321Sculpture: Clay, Intermediate3
ARSC 322Sculpture: Metal Casting, Intermediate3
ARSC 323Sculpture: Welding/Brazing, Intermediate3
ARSC 324Sculpture: Carving Intermediate3
ARSC 325Metals: Intermediate3
ARSC 326Sculpture: Modeling/Casting Intermediate3
ARSC 400Sculpture, Advanced3
ARSC 420Sculpture: Fabrication, Advanced3
ARSC 421Sculpture: Clay, Advanced3
ARSC 422Sculpture: Metal Casting, Advanced3
ARSC 423Sculpture: Welding/Brazing, Advanced3
ARSC 424Sculpture: Carving, Advanced3
ARSC 425Metals: Advanced3
ARSC 426Sculpture: Modeling/Casting, Advanced3
ARSC 450Independent Study: Sculpture3