Theatre Studies Major (B.A.)

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Theatre Studies provides students with a solid foundation in performance, dramatic literature, theatre history, dramaturgy, and stagecraft within the context of a liberal arts curriculum.  The program emphasizes both the practical and the theoretical aspects of theatre, and is oriented toward the rigorous training of well-rounded, responsible theatre artists who value ensemble, collaboration, and artistic community. The program is based in the Department of Theatre & Dance. For further information, go to: BA Theatre Studies.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Theatre Studies Core Courses
THTR 102Theatre in Society3
THTR 150Introduction to Technical Theatre1
THTR 208Drama in Text3
THTR 210Theatre History: Early World3
THTR 211Theater History: Modern World3
Complete 1 course from the following:3
Theater for Community Impact
Site Specific Performance
Performing Playwrights of Color
Children's Theatre
Departmental Requirements
Complete 3 of the following:3
Production Stagecraft
Production Operations
Production Costumes
Performance Production I
Performance: Production II
Performance: Production III
Theatre Studies Electives
Select 23 credits from the list (see below)23
Total Credits42

Theatre Studies Electives

THTR 105Acting I3
THTR 106Solo Performance3
THTR 110Acting II - B.A3
THTR 175Theatre in Performance3
THTR 204Performance Production I1
THTR 206Performance: Production II1
THTR 207Performance: Production III1
THTR 238Musical Theatre I3
THTR 285Theater for Community Impact3
THTR 286Site Specific Performance3
THTR 330Play Direction I3
THTR 391Playwriting I3
THTR 338Musical Theatre II3
THTR 360Children's Theatre3
THTR 361Student New Play Festival3
THTR 366Stage Technique: Combat3
THTR 395Playwriting II3
THTR 430Play Direction II3
THTR 433Shakespeare Workshop3
THTR 435Dramatic Workshop3
THTR 480Concept and Collaboration in Theatre3
Design and Production
THTR 155Stage Management3
THTR 140Introduction to Design for Theatre3
THTR 200Production Stagecraft1
THTR 201Production Operations1
THTR 202Production Costumes1
THTR 252Scene Design I3
THTR 253Theatrical Sound Design3
THTR 254Costume Design I3
THTR 256Stage Management II3
THTR 258Lighting Design I3
THTR 262Projection Design and Technology for Live Performance3
THTR 385Production Management3
History, Literature, Criticism & Theory
THTR 175Theatre in Performance3
THTR 180Performance Studies3
THTR 216African American Theatre: Melodrama to "Post‐Racial"3
THTR 217Latinx Theatre and Performance3
THTR 265The Contemporary Theatre of Cultural Diversity3
THTR 275Theatre Scenes: NY, NJ and London3
THTR 31120th and 21st Century Playwrights3
THTR 329Introduction to Dramaturgy: The Questioning Spirit3
THTR 335Dramaturgical Styles3
THTR 411Dramatic Criticism3
ENGL 234American Drama3
ENGL 352English Drama: Beginnings to 16423
ENGL 353Shakespeare: Comedies-Histories3
ENGL 354Shakespeare: Tragedies-Romances3
ENGL 361Modern Irish Drama3
ENGL 374Contemporary European Drama3
ENGL 375Modern Drama: Ibsen to O'Neill3
ENGL 455Restoration and 18th Century Drama3
Theatre Management
THTR 257Entertainment Management3
THTR 381Theatre Administration and Audience Development3
THTR 382Contracts and Law in Theatre3
THTR 400Fundraising Board Development3
THTR 401Business of the Arts3
Interdisciplinary Fields
THTR 312Drama Therapy3
THTR 403Independent Study1-3
THTR 406Theatre Teaching Methods3
THTR 490Theatre Cooperative Education Experience4-16
THTR 432Special Topics in Theatre1-3
Related Fields
CRTH 151Creative Thinking3
CMST 326Integrated Communications3
ENTR 201The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation3
ENTR 290Special Topics in Entrepreneurship3
ENTR 303Create and Pitch Your Startup6
FILM 230Introduction to Screenwriting3
FILM 255Film Story Analysis3
FILM 310Intermediate Screenwriting3