Special Education (M.Ed.)

Coordinator: Susan Baglieri
Office: University Hall, Room 2169
Phone: (973) 655-3297
Email: baglieris@mail.montclair.edu

Advisor: Margaret Leckey
Phone: (973) 655-3295
Email: leckeym@mail.montclair.edu

P-3 and K-6/TSD

If you hold P-3 or K-6 initial certification and are interested in obtaining Teacher of Students with Disabilities certification and/or a master's degree, please contact Dr. Alicia Broderick (K-6) at (973) 655-7455 or by email at brodericka@mail.montclair.edu, or Dr. Elizabeth Erwin (P-3) at (973) 655-6843 or by email at erwinel@mail.montclair.edu.

Content Area/TSD

This is an advanced teacher certification program for those who already have general education teacher certification in Content Areas who wish to obtain special education certification (Teacher of Students with Disabilities) and a master's degree. The program emphasis is on inclusive education.

Please note that all special education teachers in N.J. must have a dual certification in general education (Content Area) and special education (Teacher of Students with Disabilities). Applicants who do not hold general education certification can obtain dual certification in Content Area and special education in the Dual Certification: M.A.T. Content Areas and Teacher of Students with Disabilities.

The M. Ed. in Special Education requires students to complete a culminating project. The project extends learning by providing an experience in designing and implementing an action research project related to inclusive education.

The M. Ed. meets the needs of working professionals who typically enroll in 3-6 credits per semester. The courses are offered in the evenings and summer. A maximum of 6 graduate credits may be accepted from other institutions, provided that the courses are parallel in content and requirements to those in the program.

APPLICANTS TO THIS PROGRAM MUST ALREADY HOLD CERTIFICATION OR CEAS IN GENERAL EDUCATION (CONTENT AREA). Completion of a comprehensive project is a requirement for this program.

Program Requirements

Select one of the following if not taken at the undergraduate level:3
Literacy Foundations 1
Techniques of Reading Improvement in the Secondary School
Specialization Courses
SPED 566Creating Curricular Access for Adolescents with Disabilities3
SPED 567Instructional Planning for Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings 23
or SPED 568 Teaching Methods for Inclusive Education
SPED 579Special Education for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 584Assessment and Evaluation in the Inclusive Classroom3
SPED 585Technology for Inclusive Classrooms3
SPED 586Educational Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities 33
or ECSE 508 Strengthening Partnerships with Families of Children with Disabilities
SPED 587Advanced Instructional Techniques for Students with Learning Problems3
SPED 588Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in Inclusive Settings3
SPED 597Practicum and Seminar in Teaching Students with Disabilities3
Select one of the following:3
Art and Special Education
Graduate Visual Arts Workshop
Learning and Development in Children With and Without Disabilities
Observation and Assessment of Young Children with Disabilities: Birth to Age 8
Strengthening Partnerships with Families of Children with Disabilities
Language and Early Literacy Development
Critical Basics of Media and Technology Production
Evaluation and Selection of Educational Media
Techniques of Reading Improvement in the Secondary School
Literature for Adolescents
Literacies, Digital Technology and Learning
Evaluation and Planning for Students with Learning Problems I
Educating Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities
Educational Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities
Teaching Organization and Study Skills for the Inclusive Classroom
Medical and Physical Bases of Disabilities
Consultation Methods in Psychoeducational Settings
Culminating Experience
SPED 690Action Research in Inclusive Settings3
Total Credits36

READ 500 is for those with K-5 or K-8 certification; READ 501 is for those with subject area certification. 


SPED 567 is for those with K-5 or K-8 certification; SPED 568 is for those with subject area certification. 


ECSE 508 is for those with K-5 or K-8 certification; SPED 586 is for those with subject area certification.