Reading Specialist, Educational Services Certification - Graduate

The Reading Specialist Certificate requires the applicant to be a certified teacher who already holds a Master's degree (in any field). The Reading Specialist Certificate differs from the Master of Arts in Reading along two dimensions:

  1. Applicants may credit any number of previous, successful and relevant graduate courses towards obtaining the Reading Specialist Certificate, even if this previous coursework has been used to obtain a graduate degree. This cannot be done with the Master of Arts in Reading. Course credits are negotiated with advisors once an applicant is formally enrolled in the program.
  2. Only 30 credit hours are required (EDFD 504, Action Research, and READ 505, Seminar in Reading Research, are not required courses in the Reading Specialist Certificate program). The Master of Arts in Reading requires 33 credits hours and that students take EDFD 504, Action Research, and READ 505, Seminar in Reading Research.


Applicants need to hold standard teacher certification and a Master's degree (in any field) before applying. To matriculate in this program students must be able to demonstrate appropriate interest and ability in the field of literacy education. Once accepted into the program, students also need to have completed two years of classroom teaching prior to graduation.

Program Requirements

Enrollment Requirements
A standard New Jersey (or state recognized equivalent) certification in any instructional area is required.
A Master's degree is required
Required Core Course
READ 500Literacy Foundations3
Required Specialization Courses
READ 501Techniques of Reading Improvement in the Secondary School3
READ 502Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs3
READ 508Critical Thinking and Literacy3
READ 511Case Studies of Reading Difficulties3
READ 513Supervised Clinical Practicum, Part I3
READ 514Supervised Clinical Practicum, Part II3
READ 503Literature for Adolescents3
or READ 524 Teaching Multiethnic Literature in P-8 Classrooms
Elective Course
Select one of the following:3
Critical Basics of Media and Technology Production
Evaluation and Selection of Educational Media
Literacy Needs of Adult Learners
Understanding Reading Comprehension
Field Experience in Reading
Language and Early Literacy Development
History of Literacy and Media
Teaching Multiethnic Literature in P-8 Classrooms
Literacies, Digital Technology and Learning
Workshop in Contemporary Issues in Reading
Related Recommended Courses
Select one of the following:3
An additional READ elective
Language and Linguistics
Semantics and Pragmatics
Discourse Analysis
Cross-Cultural Discourse Analysis
Secondary School Administration
Education Law
Program Planning and Development in Educational Settings
Differentiated Supervision
Professional Issues in Multicultural Psychology
Advanced Educational Psychology
Psychological Tests and Measurements
Middle School Curriculum and Organization
Full-Time Teaching Experience
Written verification of at least 2 years FULL TIME teaching experience from Superintendent or Principal is required.
Total Credits30