Reading (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Reading Program is a (minimum of) 33 credit program designed to provide literacy educators with appropriate experiences and solid grounding in the field of literacy. It is expected that students will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of literacy's broad definition, sociopolitical underpinnings, and the ways they can effectively serve as change agents in their respective spheres of influence. Program graduates should be equipped with both the skills and dispositions to effectively advocate for the field of literacy and the profession of literacy educators. As a department, it is our hope and anticipation that our graduates will be prepared to serve in a wide array of educational roles in a variety of institutional and multicultural contexts. The curriculum places emphasis upon reflection and critical thinking about professional practice and helps students analyze the moral and ethical responsibilities of literacy educators.

It is strongly recommended that students enrolling in the Master of Arts in Reading already hold a professional certification and have spent at least one year teaching in schools or working with students in a professional capacity. Students who wish to receive certification as Reading Specialists must possess an initial teaching certificate, a Masters degree in any field, two years teaching experience, and 30 hours of study as outlined in their study programs prepared with the program coordinator, and a passing score on the Praxis (Reading) Exam.

Successful matriculation through the program will be based upon the quality of academic performance as indicated by grades and instructor input.

Program Requirements

Required Foundation Courses
EDFD 504Action Research3
READ 500Literacy Foundations3
Required Core Courses
READ 501Techniques of Reading Improvement in the Secondary School3
READ 502Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs3
READ 508Critical Thinking and Literacy3
READ 511Case Studies of Reading Difficulties3
READ 503Literature for Adolescents3
or READ 524 Teaching Multiethnic Literature in P-8 Classrooms
Elective Course in Reading
Select one of the following:3
Critical Basics of Media and Technology Production
Evaluation and Selection of Educational Media
Literacy Needs of Adult Learners
Understanding Reading Comprehension
Field Experience in Reading
Language and Early Literacy Development
History of Literacy and Media
Teaching Multiethnic Literature in P-8 Classrooms
Literacies, Digital Technology and Learning
Workshop in Contemporary Issues in Reading
Culminating Activity
Supervised Clinical Experience
READ 513Supervised Clinical Practicum, Part I3
READ 514Supervised Clinical Practicum, Part II3
Final Research Project
READ 505Research Seminar in Literacy3
Full-Time Teaching Experience
Written verification of at least 2 years FULL TIME teaching experience from Superintendent or Principal is required.
Total Credits33