Performance, Keyboard Concentration (M.M.)

Program Requirements

Core Requirements
MUAP 521Applied Music I2
MUAP 522Applied Music II2
MUAP 623Applied Music III2
MUAP 624Applied Music IV2
MUHS 604Seminar in Historical Research3
MUHS 605Seminar in Historical and Theoretical Studies3
or MUHS 549 Music Since 1960
MUCP 511Musical Style and Analysis3
or MUCP 512 Music Systems of Analysis and Composition
MUMG 501Performance Entrepreneurship3
Concentration Requirements
Performance Practicum - Course must be taken four times over four semesters.4
Graduate Performance Practicum
MULT 520Selected Topics in Keyboard Literature2
MUPR 522Piano Pedagogy2
Complete 3 semester hours from the following with appropriate coaching co-requisites:3
Ensemble: Chorus
Ensemble: Orchestra
Ensemble: Band I
Ensemble: Opera Workshop I
Chamber Ensemble Performance I
Chamber Ensemble Performance II
Chamber Ensemble Performance IV
Chamber Ensemble Performance III
Complete 3 semester hours from the list below:3
Culminating Experience
MUPR 695Graduate Recital 10
In the term that you will sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major and advisor. Successfully pass the exam.
GRAD CMPComprehensive Examination0
Total Credits34


MUCP 511Musical Style and Analysis3
MUCP 512Music Systems of Analysis and Composition3
MUCP 515Advanced Counterpoint3
MUCP 516Advanced Instrumentation3
MUCP 601Score Reading3
MUCP 602Advanced Ear Training1
MUED 500Workshop in Music Education1-3
MUED 501Psychology of Music3
MUED 510Selected Topics in Music Education1-3
MUED 518Technology for Music Teachers3
MUED 519Music Learning Theory3
MUED 520General Music in Secondary School3
MUED 521Creative Movement and Dance Experiences for Children3
MUED 549Piano for Music Teachers3
MUED 550Teaching Music for Learners With Special Needs3
MUED 555Teaching Music As Democratic Practice3
MUED 560Teaching World Music3
MUED 561Teaching Popular Music3
MUED 570Critical and Creative Thinking in Music3
MUED 579Band Literature for the Music Educator3
MUED 580The Comprehensive Choral Educator3
MUEN 500Ensemble: Chorus1
MUEN 510Ensemble: Orchestra1
MUEN 520Ensemble: Band I1
MUEN 530Ensemble: Opera Workshop I1
MUEN 550Chamber Ensemble Performance I1
MUEN 580Chamber Ensemble Performance II1
MUEN 590Chamber Ensemble Performance IV1
MUEN 680Chamber Ensemble Performance III1
MUHS 500Selected Topic in Music I3
MUHS 501Selected Topics in Music II3
MUHS 502Selected Problems in Music History and Analysis3
MUHS 505Performance Practice in the Baroque Era3
MUHS 506Performance Practice in the Classical Era3
MUHS 549Music Since 19603
MUHS 554Development of the Opera I3
MUHS 555Development of the Opera II3
MUHS 600Independent Study Music History and Literature1-4
MULT 510Selected Topics in Instrumental Literature2-3
MULT 511Selected Topics in Orchestral Literature2-3
MULT 512Selected Topics in Band LIterature2-3
MULT 520Selected Topics in Keyboard Literature2-3
MULT 530Vocal Literature (graduate)2-3
MULT 595Selected Topics in Music Literature1-4
MUPR 522Piano Pedagogy2
MUPR 555Body Mapping for Musicians3
MUPR 560Applied Vocal Pedagogy2-3
MUPR 571Brass Pedagogy2
MUPR 572String Pedagogy2
MUPR 573Pedagogy of Woodwind Instruments2
MUPR 574Pedgogy of Percussion Instruments2
MUPR 575Pedagogy of the Guitar2
MUPR 580Skills of Instrumental Accompanying2
MUPR 581Skills of Vocal Accompanying2
MUPR 620Rehearsal Techniques3
MUPR 630Advanced Lyric Diction1-2
MUTH 501Psychology of Music3
MUTH 525Special Topics in Music Therapy3