Musical Theatre Minor

The Minor in Musical Theatre provides an opportunity for students majoring in another area of study to develop their musical theatre skills and knowledge about the field.  Coursework includes acting, singing and dance classes, as well as courses designed to trace the development of the American musical theatre. Students wishing to pursue the Musical Theatre minor and have it listed on their transcript must proceed as follows:

  1. Schedule and complete an interview/audition for acceptance into the program.
  2. Complete the Minor Program sequence.
  3. Request the Registrar, during the senior year of study, to certify on official Montclair State records the completion of the minor program of study.

The program is based in the Department of Theatre & Dance. For further  information, go to: Minors in Dance, Theatre and Musical Theatre.  

Program Requirements

Required Courses
THTR 112Singing for the Actor I3
THTR 212Singing for the Actor II3
THTR 238Musical Theatre I3
THTR 338Musical Theatre II3
Musical Rehearsal/Production
Select one of the following:1
Production Stagecraft
Production Operations
Production Costumes
Performance Production I
Performance: Production II
Performance: Production III
Dance Elective
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Ballet (Non-Major)
Introduction to Modern Dance (Non-Major)
Movement for the Actor I
Acting Elective
THTR 105Acting I3
or THTR 115 Acting I - BFA
Theatre Elective
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to the Theatrical Medium
Acting II - B.A
Acting II - BFA
Introduction to Technical Theatre
Total Credits22