Musical Theatre Major (B.F.A.)

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Musical Theatre provides rigorous training with a concentrated focus in acting, dance and music, preparing students to work in the musical theatre industry. Musical Theatre majors develop exceptional performance skills through a combination of intense classroom work and production opportunities.
The program is based in the Department of Theatre & Dance.  For further information, go to: BFA Musical Theatre.  (Note: All Theatre & Dance majors must pass yearly juries/portfolio reviews and faculty evaluation for continuation in the programs.)

Program Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill General Education categories.

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I. General Education
A. New Student Seminar
GNED 199New Student Seminar1
C. Communication
1. Writing 3
2. Literature3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences3
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives 3
G. Computer Science
CSIT 100Introduction to Computer Concepts3
K. Social Science
1. American and European History 3
II. World Languages and Cultures
A. World Languages3-6
B. World Cultures3
III. Major Requirements
Required Theatre Courses
THTR 115Acting I - BFA3
THTR 130Acting II - BFA3
THTR 139Stage Make-Up1
THTR 150Introduction to Technical Theatre1
THTR 200Production Stagecraft1
THTR 201Production Operations1
THTR 202Production Costumes1
THTR 204Performance Production I1
THTR 206Performance: Production II1
THTR 210Theatre History: Early World3
THTR 222Acting III - B.F.A.: Scene Study I3
THTR 315Advanced Scene Study I for Musical Theatre3
THTR 223Acting IV - B.F.A.: Scene Study II3
THTR 316Advanced Scene Study II for Musical Theatre3
THTR 238Musical Theatre I3
THTR 338Musical Theatre II3
THTR 425Senior Showcase for Actors3
Required Music Courses
MUGN 136The History of Broadway3
MUCP 101Theory I3
MUCP 102Theory II3
MUCP 103Aural Skills I1
MUCP 104Aural Skills II1
MUCP 122Advanced Music Theory and Aural Skills for Musical Theatre2
MUPR 140Performance Practicum for Performance Majors (Complete 6 times.)3
MUAP 121Applied Music I2
MUAP 122Applied Music II2
MUAP 223Applied Music III2
MUAP 224Applied Music IV2
MUAP 325Applied Music V2
MUAP 326Applied Music VI2
MSSN 101Keyboard Musicianship I1
MTTH 131Freshman Studio I1
MTTH 132Acting for the Singer I2
MTTH 133Vocal Technique for Musical Theatre2
MTTH 231Acting for the Singer II2
MTTH 331Musical Theatre Repertoire and Audition Technique1
MUEN 130Opera Workshop (Must take MUPR 199 as a co-requisite.)1
Required Dance Courses
Complete 7 credits from the following (to be repeated as necessary):7
Dance Technique: Ballet I
Dance Technique: Ballet II
Dance Technique: Ballet III
Complete 10 credits from the following (to be repeated as necessary):10
Musical Theatre Dance I
Musical Theatre Dance II
Musical Theatre Dance III
Musical Theatre Dance IV
IV. Suggested Collateral
Depending on total from General Education and World Languages and Cultures, complete 0-3 credits as necessary.3-0
Special Topics in Dance Arts
Keyboard Musicianship II
Musical Composition
Private Study in Composition I
Acting for Filmmakers
Play Direction I
Total Credits120