Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism Major (B.A.) (Combined B.A./M.B.A.)


Program Requirements

Requirements for the graduate portion of this dual degree program may be found here.

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Collateral Liberal Arts Courses
CMDA 110Introduction to Communication and Media Arts3
EAES 170World Geography3
NUFD 192Nutrition with Laboratory4
PHIL 102Ethics3
POLS 101American Government and Politics3
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
THTR 140Introduction to Design for Theatre3
WRIT 206Workplace Writing3
Collateral Business Courses
ACCT 204Fundamentals of Accounting3
INFO 173Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Decisions3
INFO 240Statistical Methods in Business3
MGMT 231Management Processes3
MKTG 240Introduction to Marketing3
Required Courses
HSET 198HSET Industry Perspective1
HSET 208Leisure and Recreation in Society3
HSET 250Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism3
HSET 255Professional Development in Hospitality, Sports, Events, Tourism3
HSET 325Service Management3
HSET 353Legal Issues in Hospitality and Tourism3
HSET 355Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism Co-op Ed3
HSET 490Senior Seminar in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
Flexible Courses
Select four courses from the following:12
Managing Facilities in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism
International Tourism Marketing and Management
Sports Marketing
Event Marketing and Management I
Event Marketing and Management II
Lodging Management
Human Resource Management in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism
Food and Beverage Management
Major Electives
Select three courses from the list below.9
Career Learning
BUGN 310Campus to Career Transition I0
BUGN 320Campus To Career Transition II0
BUGN 330Campus To Career Transition III0
BUGN 340Campus To Career Transition IV0
Total Credits83

Major Electives

ECON 221Economics of Professional Sports3
ENTR 201The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation3
HSET 260Sport Sales3
HSET 302Managing Facilities in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HSET 315International Tourism Marketing and Management3
HSET 320Sports Marketing3
HSET 321Event Marketing and Management I3
HSET 330Resort and Cruise Management3
HSET 335International Experience in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HSET 340Restaurant Management and Operations3
HSET 350Club Management3
HSET 354Analytics for Sports and Entertainment Industries3
HSET 356Entertainment, Theme Park, and Attractions Industries3
HSET 360Casino Management3
HSET 365Event Marketing and Management II3
HSET 366Budget and Financial Analysis in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HSET 375Property and Community Association Management3
HSET 380Lodging Management3
HSET 385Human Resource Management in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HSET 388Food and Culture3
HSET 390Food and Beverage Management3
HSET 392Special Topics in Hospitality Management1-6
HSET 395Information Systems and Technology in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HSET 460Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism Advanced Co-op Ed3
HSET 480Revenue Management in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism3
HSET 492Independent Study in Hospitality, Sports, Events, and Tourism1-3
MKTG 250Professional Selling3
NUFD 353Catering and Banquet Management3
NUFD 405Concepts of the Sommelier3

M.B.A. Swing Courses taken at the undergraduate level

Upon admission to the dual degree program, students will be provided with a cohort sequence and a student code which will allow them to enroll in a specific list of 6 credits (3 or 4 courses) from the list.  These courses will also count toward the M.B.A. program requirements.

ACCT 560Accounting for Business Managers3
ECON 562Macroeconomics Analysis and Public Policy1.5
ECON 563Managerial Economics1.5
INBS 561Emerging Trends in Global Markets1.5
INFO 561Foundations of Data Analytics1.5
INFO 562Operations Analytics1.5
INFO 563Information Systems Strategy and Innovation3
INFO 564Operations and Supply Chain Management1.5
MGMT 561Achieving Competitive Advantage1.5
MGMT 567Business Growth Strategy1.5
MKTG 561Applied Marketing Management1.5
MKTG 562Market Analysis and Customer Insight1.5
MKTG 563Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility1.5