Film and Television (B.F.A.)

You’ve always been captivated by the moving image – whether on TV, in movies, in cartoons or video games. But now you’re ready to do more than just watch: you want to produce your own work for the screen. The filmmaking program will help you realize your artistic vision through observation, imagination, storytelling, and technique. Courses in screenwriting, directing, editing, cinematography, and production prepare you to produce imaginative, critically appreciated narrative and documentary films.

Program Requirements Overview

General Education Requirements22
World Languages and Cultures Requirements3-9
Major Requirements67
Free Electives28-22
Total Credits120

Major Requirements

Core Requirements
CMST 110Introduction to Communication and Media3
CMST 210Theorizing Communication and Media3
Major Requirements
FMTV 210Story Analysis and Introduction to Screenwriting3
FMTV 222Introduction to Non-Scripted Television and Editing3
FMTV 220Filmmaking I3
FMTV 251Acting for the Screen3
FMTV 322Film Making II4
FMTV 383Producing the Documentary3
FMTV 277Audio Production for Film/Digital Media3
FMTV 360Narrative Film and TV Editing3
FMTV/ENFL 310Intermediate Screenwriting3
FMTV/ENFL 410Advanced Screenwriting3
FMTV 422Film III: Directing Workshop3
Major Electives/ Studio Courses
Complete two courses from the following:6
Production Design I
Principles of Cinematography
Production Management
Complete two electives from the list below:6
Film Studies/Film History
ENFL 208Introduction to the Film3
Select one of the following:3
World Film Before 1945
World Film After 1945
American Film to 1945
American Film 1945 to the Present
Select one of the following:3
Special Topics in Film Studies
Major Film Movements
Major Film Genres
Major Film Directors
World Film Before 1945
World Film After 1945
The Contemporary Film
American Film to 1945
American Film 1945 to the Present
Gender and Sexuality in Film
Class, Race and Ethnicity in Film
Seminar in Film
Thesis Project
FMTV 491BFA Thesis I3
FMTV 492BFA Thesis II3
Total Credits67

 Major Elective/ Studio Courses

ARST 205Photography3
CMDA 360Communication and Media Cooperative Education3-6
FMTV 101History and Development of Film and Television3
FMTV 201Digital Filmmaking I3
FMTV 204Film Forum3
FMTV 205Film Art: Historical and Contemporary3
FMTV 207History of Television Programming3
FMTV 221Digital Filmmaking II3
FMTV 231Introduction to the Control Room and Studio4
FMTV 252Fundamentals of Film and Television3
FMTV 256Production Design I3
FMTV 260Film Story Analysis3
FMTV 261Special Topics in Film and Television3
FMTV 267Music Supervising for Film, Television and Video Games1
FMTV 268Music Licensing1
FMTV 269Music Industry Contracts1
FMTV 274Production Audio for Film and Television1
FMTV 276Podcasting Collaborative Projects1-3
FMTV 278Craft and Business of Songwriting1-3
FMTV 279Experiential Sound Workshop: The Art of Right-Brain Listening1
FMTV 280Filmmaking Tech Workshop1-3
FMTV 283Developing the Documentary3
FMTV 307Children's Television3
FMTV 308Mythic Structure in Screenwriting3
FMTV 309Experimental Film and Digital Art History: 1902-Present3
FMTV 311Writing the Feature Film3
FMTV 312Writing the Narrative Series3
FMTV 314Writing for Interactive Media3
FMTV 317Narrative Development for Gaming3
FMTV 324Production Design II3
FMTV 341Principles of Cinematography3
FMTV 343Intermediate Post-Production3
FMTV 344Motion Graphics3
FMTV 352Experimental Film/Digital Workshop I3
FMTV 353Advanced Television Production3
FMTV 354Improvisation and Sketchwriting3
FMTV 355Film and Television Practicum1
FMTV 358Production Management3
FMTV 363Media Management3
FMTV 370Entertainment Law: Media Contracts and Intellectual Property3
FMTV 372Dance Film1-3
FMTV 374Audio Post: ProTools Workshop1
FMTV 376Post Production Foley Workshop1-3
FMTV 379Signal Flow and Session Management1-3
FMTV 385Digital Media Technical Workshop3
FMTV 400Long Form and Episodic Documentary Workshop3
FMTV 411Special Topics in Screenwriting3
FMTV 420Production Design Mentorship3
FMTV 425Commercial Directing3
FMTV 426Advanced Film Workshop3
FMTV 432Multi-camera Narrative Production3
FMTV 433Multi-camera Webseries Production3
FMTV 434Non-Scripted Television Production3
FMTV 436Art and Cultural Programming Production3
FMTV 437Special Topics in Media Analysis3
FMTV 440Advanced Narrative Editing3
FMTV 441Advanced Cinematography3
FMTV 442Post Production Elements for Television Programming3
FMTV 452Experimental Film/Digital Workshop II3
FMTV 460Film and Television Internship1-9
FMTV 464Producing the Film: Development through Distribution3
FMTV 474Mixing for Film and Television1-3
FMTV 475Advanced Music Recording Techniques1-3
FMTV 476Advanced Music Mixing1-3
FMTV 481Career Development Workshop3

General Education Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill General Education categories.

A. New Student Seminar
Complete a 1 credit New Student Seminar course.1
C. Communication
1. Writing 3
2. Literature3
3. Communication3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences3
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives 3
G. Computer Science
Complete a 3 credit Computer Science course.3
K. Social Science
1. American and European History 3
Total Credits22

World Languages and Cultures Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill World Languages and Cultures categories.

World Languages
Based on language placement exam, complete one or two sequential courses in the same language. Requirement is automatically fulfilled by language major courses.3-6
World Cultures
Requirement may be fulfilled by course selected in General Education - Social Science: Global Cultural Perspectives. Requirement may also be fulfilled by major coursework. See list of courses.0-3
Total Credits3-9

Recommended Roadmap to Degree Completion

This recommended four-year plan is provided as an outline for students to follow in order to complete their degree requirements within four years.  This plan is a recommendation and students should only use it in consultation with their academic advisor.

First Year
GNED 1991WRIT 1063
WRIT 1053CMST 1013
CMST 1103GENERAL EDUCATION (G) Computer Science3
ENFL 2083FMTV 2223
FMTV 2103FMTV 2773
FMTV 2203 
 16 15
Second Year
World Language 13World Language 23
FMTV 2513CMST 2103
FMTV 3224FMTV 310 or ENFL 3103
FMTV 3603FMTV 3833
FilmStudies/Film History course3Major Elective/Studio Course 13
 16 15
Third Year
GENERAL EDUCATION (K1) Social Science – American and European History3GENERAL EDUCATION (F1) Humanities – Great Works and Their Influences3
FMTV 4223FMTV 410 or ENFL 4103
Major Elective/Studio Course 23FilmStudies/Film History course3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
GENERAL EDUCATION (F2) Humanities – Philosophical and Religious Perspectives3World Cultures3
FMTV 4913FMTV 4923
Major Elective/Studio Course 33Major Elective/Studio Course 43
Free Elective3FilmStudies/Film History course3
Free Elective3Free Elective1
 15 13
Total Credits 120