Music/General (MUGN)

MUGN 100  Introduction to Music  (3 credits)

A guide to the understanding and enjoyment of western art music through study of its principal elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, form. Comparisons to musics of other parts of the world. Discussion of the ways, implicit and explicit, in which art music can serve political or social purposes. Meets Gen Ed - Fine and Performing Arts.

MUGN 109  Introduction to Jazz  (3 credits)

Jazz as an American phenomenon. Musical materials as manipulated by jazz artists; the impact on American popular music, dance and theater; early jazz players and developments. Meets Gen Ed - Fine and Performing Arts. Meets World Cultures Requirement.

MUGN 120  Rap and Rock as Cultural Phenomena  (3 credits)

This course will explore the creative process in music of urban cultures. It will examine social structures, and the criteria of the groups which make and appreciate styles that emanate from urban cultures. Rap music will be the primary focus. Attention will also be given to other styles, such as Rock, rooted in the same historical background. Meets Gen Ed - Fine and Performing Arts. Meets World Cultures Requirement.

MUGN 136  The History of Broadway  (3 credits)

Introduction to the varieties of style in music for the purpose of extending dramatic action, characterization and atmosphere in musicals, operettas and musical comedies. Representative works from 1927 to present. Meets Gen Ed - Fine and Performing Arts.

MUGN 150  Influence of Afro-American Culture on Music  (3 credits)

Ways in which the Afro-American culture has affected the development of American folk and art music. Meets World Cultures Requirement.

MUGN 152  Music in Film  (3 credits)

This course presents a guide to the various functions of music in film. The course considers the evolution of film from 1895 to the present, covering many topics including film scores, composers, styles, and trends. No previous music or film experience required. Meets Gen Ed - Fine and Performing Arts.

MUGN 160  Introduction to Music in World Cultures  (3 credits)

The cultural and artistic forces which shape the musics of the non-Western world and the various folk and art musics resulting from those forces. Meets Gen Ed - Fine and Performing Arts.

MUGN 199  Freshman Seminar for Music Majors  (1 credit)

Restriction(s): Music majors only. An introduction to Montclair State University, the School of the Arts, and the Music Department. The course covers the broad spectrum of music careers and fields as well as the culture of music in our society and the musician's relationship to this culture. Relevant issues relating to the common experience of all students will be discussed, focusing particularly on health and wellness, ethnic backgrounds and prejudices in our society, and the acquisition of "survival" skills to be a responsible, involved, and contributing student in the MSU community. Meets Gen Ed - New Student Seminar.

MUGN 237  Appreciation of the Opera  (3 credits)

Styles and approaches in music for purposes of dramatic characterization, atmosphere and plot development. Representative works in English, Italian, French and German, from Monteverdi to the present. Emphasis on opera and modern musical.

MUGN 309  The Art of Jazz  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): MUGN 109. Development of jazz in America and abroad; sociological implications in American society and the impact of jazz upon contemporary composition. Meets World Cultures Requirement.