Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics Certificate Program - Graduate

Many teachers in the middle grades are assigned mathematics classes but do not have the necessary specialized preparation to effectively teach today's recommended curriculum, which is dramatically different from what it was fifteen years ago. This five course certificate program is specifically designed to provide those teachers with the background and education they need.

The primary objective of the Certificate in Teaching Middle School Mathematics is to increase the mathematical knowledge and related pedagogical skill of New Jersey middle grade mathematics teachers. The Common Core State Standards Mathematics is incorporated into the curriculum (CCSSM). The program is designed for teachers, with New Jersey certification in disciplines other than mathematics and closely related fields, who are teaching mathematics in the middle grades or preparing for such an assignment. The program of study provides teachers with an understanding of the fundamental principles that underlie school mathematics while at the same time making connections to the mathematics they will teach. Teachers who successfully complete the sequence of five courses will be able to make connections across the mathematics curriculum and to other disciplines and be knowledgeable about the CCSSM. Their increased content knowledge and pedagogical skill will result in an observable, enhanced level of enthusiasm and comfort with mathematics, which will in turn foster a deeper understanding, and appreciation of mathematics in their students.

A secondary objective of the certificate is to increase the number of students in the middle grades who are academically prepared to succeed in a first course in Algebra, either in middle school or when they enter high school. Students thus prepared will have more options in terms of high school course selection, post high school education and career paths.

Teachers who successfully complete the certificate will have the option to continue with a program of study leading to a Master of Arts degree focused on the teaching of middle school mathematics. That degree program is designed to further increase the mathematical knowledge and pedagogical skill of middle grades teachers and to prepare them to be teacher leaders in their buildings, districts and, for some, at the state and regional level.

Program Requirements

Complete with a minimum GPA of 2.50.

MTHM 505Number and Operations in the Middle Grades3
MTHM 506Algebra and Algebraic Thinking in the Middle Grades3
MTHM 507Geometry for Middle-Grade Math Teachers3
MTHM 508Data Analysis and Probability in the Middle Grades3
MTHM 509Measurement in the Middle Grades3
Total Credits15