Teaching for Equity and Justice (M.Ed.)

Program Requirements 

Required Teaching and Learning Courses
TLRN 503Curriculum and Instructional Design for Equity and Justice3
TLRN 504Culturally Responsive and Socially Just Pedagogy3
TLRN 505Advanced Assessment Practices for Equitable Classrooms3
TLRN 590Capstone Inquiry into Teaching and Learning for Equity and Justice3
Teaching and Learning Electives
Complete two courses from the list below.6
Complete 12 credits from one of the certificate/certification programs listed below. If a program is less than 12 credits, students will select appropriate electives in consultation with a program advisor. If a program is 15 credits (or more), 3 of those credits may substitute for a Teaching and Learning Elective.12
Total Credits30

Teaching and Learning Electives

ECEL 501Perspectives on Early Childhood and Elementary Education in a Diverse Society3
ECEL 502Seminar I: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms1-3
ECEL 504Seminar II: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms3
ECEL 505Observation and Inquiry in Early Childhood and Elementary Setting3
ECEL 506Introduction to Early Childhood Theory and Practice1.5
ECEL 507Application of Theory and Practice, Early Childhood Education1.5
ECEL 510Clinical Practice I: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary2-3
ECEL 511Clinical Practice II: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms6
ECEL 513Integrating Math/Science/Technology in Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms3
ECEL 514In-Service Supervised Graduate Clinical Practice6
ECEL 516Social Studies and the Arts: Understanding Democracy in Elementary Classrooms3
ECEL 517Integrating Science and Technology in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms3
ECEL 518Families, Communities, and Schools: Diversity, Culture and Democracy3
ECEL 522Curriculum Development and Assessment in Diverse Elementary Classrooms3
ECEL 523Landscape of Learning, Schools, and Schooling12
ECEL 524Engaging with the Community, Math, Science, and the Arts9
ECEL 525Curriculum, Assessment, and Inclusion in Urban Classrooms12
ECEL 526Inquiry and Reflection: Teaching and Practice in Urban Classrooms10
ECEL 527Teaching Content in Early Childhood and Elementary Bilingual and Sheltered English Classrooms3
ECEL 528Early Childhood Curriculum in Inclusive Settings3
ECEL 529Sociocultural Foundations for Working with Early Childhood and Elementary Bilingual Learners and Fam3
ECEL 532Special Topics in Early Childhood and Elementary Education Research Seminar3
ECEL 565Independent Study in Early Childhood and Elementary Education1-3
ECEL 575Special Topics in Early Childhood and Elementary Education1-3
ECEL 610Build Social Emotional Relationships in Group Sett:Infant Toddler Mental Health for Educators3
ECEL 691Issues, Policies and Trends in Inclusive Education3
ECSE 502Sociocultural Context of Disability and Inclusive Education3
ECSE 505Learning and Development in Children With and Without Disabilities3
ECSE 506Observation and Assessment of Young Children with Disabilities: Birth to Age 83
ECSE 508Strengthening Partnerships with Families of Children with Disabilities3
ECSE 509Principles and Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education3
ECSE 510Supervised Practicum and Seminar in Inclusive Early Childhood3
ECSE 511Advanced Teaching Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education3
ECSE 518Neuromotor Development of the Young Child3
ECSE 519Language and Early Literacy Development3
ECSE 520Research in Inclusive Early Childhood Education3
ECSE 523Communication, Collaboration and Consultation in Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Contexts3
ECSE 528Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogy in Inclusive Classrooms3
ECSE 536Observation and Assessment of Elementary Age Children with Disabilities3
ECSE 539Pedagogy in Inclusive Elementary Education3
ECSE 540Practicum and Seminar in Inclusive Elementary Education3
ECSE 541Advanced Pedagogy in Inclusive Elementary Education3
ECSE 542Inclusive Pedagogies for Students with Complex Learning and Behavioral Needs3
ECSE 575Special Topics in Inclusive Education3
ECSE 580Conceptual Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Bio-Psych-Social Perspectives3
ECSE 581Observation, Assessment and Wonder in Autism Intervention3
ECSE 582Inquiry and Praxis: Developmental Approaches for Autism Intervention3
ECSE 583Practicum: Reflective Practice in Autism Intervention3
READ 500Literacy Foundations3
READ 501Techniques of Reading Improvement in the Secondary School3
READ 502Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs3
READ 503Literature for Adolescents3
READ 504Literacy Needs of Adult Learners3
READ 505Research Seminar in Literacy3
READ 506Reading Resources3
READ 507Understanding Reading Comprehension3
READ 508Critical Thinking and Literacy3
READ 510Field Experience in Reading3
READ 511Case Studies of Reading Difficulties3
READ 513Supervised Clinical Practicum, Part I3
READ 514Supervised Clinical Practicum, Part II3
READ 515Literacy Strategies for the Inclusive Elementary Classroom3
READ 519Language and Early Literacy Development3
READ 520Language Acquisition and Bilingualism3
READ 521Literacy and the Bilingual Learner in the Elementary Classroom3
READ 522History of Literacy and Media3
READ 524Teaching Multiethnic Literature in P-8 Classrooms3
READ 525Literacies, Digital Technology and Learning3
READ 600Special Topics in Reading Workshop1-3
SASE 501Graduate Methods of Teaching Social Studies3
SASE 502Teaching Science in Secondary Schools4
SASE 505Teaching, Democracy, and Schooling3
SASE 509Sociocultural Perspectives on Curriculum and Assessment3
SASE 510School Violence and Vandalism: Problems and Solutions3
SASE 514In-Service Graduate Clinical Practice II6
SASE 516Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners1
SASE 517Inclusive Classrooms in Middle and Secondary Schools1
SASE 518Technology Integration in the Classroom1
SASE 519Assessment for Authentic Learning3
SASE 520Inclusive iSTeM for the Adolescent Learner I3
SASE 521Inclusive iSTeM for the Adolescent Learner II3
SASE 522Innovations in Teaching3
SASE 523Education in the Inner City3
SASE 524Methods Technology Education3
SASE 526Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogies3
SASE 527Clinical Practice I3
SASE 529Clinical Practice II6
SASE 530Principles of Curriculum Development3
SASE 532Middle School Curriculum and Organization3
SASE 533Curriculum Construction in the Secondary School3
SASE 535Designing Curriculum for Affective and Humanistic Education3
SASE 537The Study of Teaching and Curriculum3
SASE 541Individualized Learning1
SASE 543Advanced Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogies3
SASE 544Language and Learning in Secondary Classrooms3
SASE 545Theory and Practice of Teaching the Bilingual Child3
SASE 546Education of the Gifted and Talented3
SASE 548Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted3
SASE 558Interdisciplinary Curriculum3
SASE 560Inquiry into Knowledge, Learning and Education9
SASE 561Inquiry into Knowledge, Learning, and Schooling11
SASE 562Inquiry into Teaching and Schooling11
SASE 563Reflections on Teaching and Learning3
SASE 605Practicum in Teaching5
SASE 610Independent Study in Curriculum and Teaching1-3
SASE 620Clinical Internship in Urban Education I2-4
SASE 621Clinical Internship in Urban Education II2-4
SASE 635Research Seminar in Curriculum Construction3
SASE 650Transitional Seminar2
SASE 654Professional Development Modules I4
SASE 670Culminating Activity4
SASE 680Special Topics in Curriculum and Teaching1-3
SASE 681Leadership in Content and Instruction2
SASE 682Leadership in Curriculum3
SASE 683Fieldwork Experience in Content, Instruction and Curriculum2
SASE 684Leadership in Self-Study and Action Research of Teaching Practices3
SASE 685Field Experience in Self-Study/Action Research of Teaching Practices1
SASE 686Leadership in Teaching and Learning3
SASE 687Leadership in Assessment3
SASE 688Fieldwork in Teaching, Learning and Assessment1
SASE 689Leadership in Professional Development3
SASE 690Dynamics of Leadership3
SASE 691Field Experience in Professional Development and Dynamics of Leadership1
SASE 692Leadership for Impact: People, Policies and Practice3
SASE 693Research Mentorship1
SPED 566Creating Curricular Access for Adolescents with Disabilities3
SPED 567Instructional Planning for Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings3
SPED 568Teaching Methods for Inclusive Education3
SPED 578Evaluation and Planning for Students with Learning Problems I3
SPED 579Special Education for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 581Evaluation and Planning for Students with Learning Problems II3
SPED 583Educating Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities3
SPED 584Assessment in Special Education and Classroom Practice3
SPED 585Technology for Inclusive Classrooms2-3
SPED 586Educational Planning for Adolescents with Disabilities3
SPED 587Advanced Instructional Techniques for Students with Learning Problems3
SPED 588Positive Behavior Supports for Diverse Learners3
SPED 589Research in Learning Disabilities3
SPED 590Practicum: Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant3
SPED 591Teaching Organization and Study Skills for the Inclusive Classroom2-3
SPED 594Independent Study1-3
SPED 595Medical and Physical Bases of Disabilities3
SPED 596Advanced Practicum: Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant3
SPED 597Practicum and Seminar in Teaching Students with Disabilities3
SPED 668Consultation Methods in Psychoeducational Settings3
SPED 680Special Topics in Special Education1-3
SPED 690Action Research in Inclusive Settings3
SPED 691Issues, Policies and Trends in Inclusive Education3
SPED 692Culminating Project Extension1
TLRN 500Computational Thinking in K-123
TLRN 501Equity in Computer Science Education2
TLRN 502Methods of Inclusive CS Teaching3
TLRN 513In-Service Graduate Clinical Practice I1
TLRN 514In-Service Graduate Clinical Practice II1
TLRN 515In-Service Graduate Clinical Practice III1
TLRN 523Understanding Community Cultural Wealth in the Service of Urban Teaching9
TLRN 524Foundations of Inclusive Social Justice Curriculum and Assessment6-9
TLRN 525Transformative and Inclusive Teaching Methods9
TLRN 526Transformative Teaching Praxis in the Service of Urban Schools9
TLRN 527Inquiry and Reflection: Transformative Inclusive Teaching and Practice in Urban Classrooms7
TLRN 684Conducting Self-study and Action Research as Teacher Leaders3
TLRN 686Examining Teaching and Learning as Teacher Leaders3
TLRN 689Teacher Leadership in Professional Development3
TLRN 692Teacher Leadership for Impact: People, Policy, and Practice3

Eligible Certificate and Certification Programs

Alternate Route Teacher Certification Program (K-6)

Alternate Route Teacher Certification Program (P-12 Subject Field)

Alternate Route Teacher Certification Program (P-3) 

Bilingual/Bicultural Certification Teacher Certification Program (P-12)

Educational Assessment Certificate Program

Gifted and Talented Education Certificate Program

K-12 Computer Science Teaching Certificate Program

Nutrition and Exercise Science Certificate Program

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate Program 

Recommended Roadmap to Degree Completion

This plan is provided as an outline for students to complete their degree requirements within two years.  This plan is a recommendation only and students should meet with their Graduate Advisor to develop a more individualized plan to complete their degree.

First Year
TLRN 5033TLRN 5043Elective Course3
Specialization course by advisement3Specialization course by advisement3Specialization course by advisement3
 6 6 6
Second Year
TLRN 5053TLRN 5903 
Specialization course by advisement3Elective Course3 
 6 6 
Total Credits 30