Sports Coaching Minor

The Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education offers a 19-credit coaching minor available to all undergraduate students aspiring to coach children, adolescents or adults in athletic settings. The aim is to provide students with a deep knowledge in the methods of coaching, including instruction methods and coaching techniques, principles, philosophy and a background in the fitness and psychology of athletes. Students will apply their knowledge and skills in a cooperative experience working with a qualified, skilled coach. Rounding their experience, students will be able to gain knowledge through an elective class such as nutrition, advanced coaching techniques, emergency care, social problems in sport or adapted physical education.


For further information, please contact the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education at 973-655-5253 or the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at 973-655-6681.  To add this minor please see Mr. Saavedra, department administrator, in UN 4141.

Program Requirements

Core Courses10-13
Fitness Activities 1
Coaching Principles and Problems
Psychology of Sport
Cooperative Education in Physical Education
Sports Modules0-3
Complete one of the following:
Introduction to Fielding and Target Games 1
Introduction to Invasion and Net Games 1
Complete 1-3 courses from the following: 2
Principles and Practice of Emergency Care
Management of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Fitness Programs 1
Nutrition: A Socioecological Perspective
Social Problems in Sports
Adapted Physical Education
Advanced Coaching Techniques
Total Credits19

Included in  Physical Education major


Physical Education majors must take 3 courses from this list