Product Design Major (B.F.A.)

Program Overview

The Product Design Major focuses on the design and development of consumer products of all types, fostering the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as a solid grounding in all aspects of the design process. The program is based in the Department of Art and Design. For further information, go to: Product Design (BFA).

Program Requirements

Students must complete 22 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Complete the following with a minimum 3.00 GPA

Core Requirements
ARFD 121Foundations I: Concept, Process and Application3
ARFD 122Foundations II: 2D Design3
ARFD 123Foundations III: Visual Organization - 3D Design3
ARFD 124Foundations IV: Figure Drawing3
ARFD 125Foundations V: Color, Light and Time3
ARHT 105Art in Western Civilization: Ancient Through Medieval3
ARHT 106Art in Western Civilization: Renaissance through Modern3
Art and Industrial Design History
ARHT 303History of Industrial Design3
Select two of the following:6
Research Methods in Art History
Field Trip in Art History
Modern Philosophies of Art
Asian Art
African Art: Sub-Saharan
American Art
History of the Print
History of Photography
History of Textiles
Greek Art
Roman Art
Early Medieval Art: Early Christian, Byzantine Early Medieval
Medieval Art: Romanesque and Gothic
Renaissance Art in Italy: The Fifteenth Century
Renaissance Art in Italy: The Sixteenth Century
Northern Renaissance Painting
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Art
Art of the Nineteenth Century
Nineteenth Century American Painting
Twentieth-Century Art
Modern Architecture
The Critical Approach
Contemporary Art
Selected Problems in Art History
Independent Study: Art History
Independent Study: Senior Thesis (BA Art History)
Product Design Major Studio
Required Studio Courses
ARID 100Design Sketching3
ARID 101Digital Sketching3
ARID 111Model Making and Prototype3
ARID 120Human Factors in Design3
ARID 201Design and Problem Solving3
ARID 202Industrial Design Beginning3
ARID 210Manufacturing Technology3
ARID 211Design for Manufacturing3
ARID 220Digital Modeling I3
ARID 221Digital Modeling II3
ARID 302Industrial Design Intermediate3
ARID 303Industrial Design Advanced3
ARID 360Professional Practices in Industrial Design3
ARID 410Senior Design Thesis I3
ARID 411Senior Design Thesis II3
Cooperative Education
COED 401Cooperative Education Experience I7
Collateral Courses
ARGD 211Fundamentals of Adobe Creative Suite - Mac3
ARMJ 200Metalwork and Jewelry, Beginning I3
MKTG 240Introduction to Marketing3
MKTG 344Integrated Marketing Communications3
Total Credits94