Physics Minor

Program Requirements

Required Courses
PHYS 191University Physics I4
PHYS 192University Physics II4
PHYS 230Intermediate Physics Laboratory4
PHYS 210Intermediate Mechanics3
or PHYS 220 Oscillations, Waves, and Optics
PHYS 320Statistical and Thermal Physics3
or PHYS 340 Electricity and Magnetism
or PHYS 360 Modern Physics
Select one course from the following (not taken above):3-4
Astronomy for Everyone
Intermediate Mechanics
Oscillations, Waves, and Optics
Fundamentals of Electronics
Astronomy for Physicists
Advanced Mechanics
Statistical and Thermal Physics
Computational Physics
Advanced Physics Laboratory
Electricity and Magnetism
Electronics and Digital Circuits
Modern Optics
Modern Physics
Fluid Mechanics
Mathematical Physics
Observational Astronomy
Special Topics in Physics
Radiation and Medical Physics
General Relativity
Nuclear Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Solid State Physics
Research or Independent Study in Physics
Total Credits21-22
Collateral Courses
These credit hours are not counted in the minor total. MATH 122/AMAT 120 and MATH 221/AMAT 220 are required prerequisites. MATH 222 is optional, but is a prerequisite for some physics courses.
MATH 122Calculus I4
or AMAT 120 Applied Calculus A
MATH 221Calculus II4
or AMAT 220 Applied Calculus B
MATH 222Calculus III4