Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (M.S.)

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Program Requirements

Core Courses
CHEM 570Advanced Biochemistry3
CHEM 575Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms3
CHEM 579Biomolecular Assay Development3
CHEM 582Biochemical Pharmacology3
Electives and Research
Select 18 credits from the following with no more than 6 credits in Biology: 118
Experimental Cell Culture
Special Topics in Modern Genetics
Molecular Biology I
Molecular Biology II
Signal Transduction
Selected Techniques in Molecular Biology
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Drug Design in Medicinal Chemistry
Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Protein Structure
Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
Biochemistry Laboratory Techniques
Research Options
Select either the Graduate Literature Search or the Research & Thesis option: 2-6
Graduate Literature Search
Graduate Literature Search
Graduate Seminar
Research & Thesis
Graduate Research
Master's Thesis
Submit the completed Thesis original and one copy to the Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Culminating Experience
Make a seminar presentation in conjunction with Research option. Graduate School must be notified when complete.
Total Credits32

Or 14 credits if completing Thesis.