Nutrition and Food Science Minor

Department Administrator: Ann Schurmann
Office: University Hall, Room 4159
Phone: (973) 655-7681

A nutrition and food science minor provides students with basic knowledge about the chemical and biological components of food and the ways in which these ingredients affect our health. With national rates of obesity and related illnesses at an all-time high, outbreaks of food-borne illnesses regularly making headlines, and the social, economical and political aspects of the world food situation becoming ever more complicated, a minor in nutrition and food science is useful prepatation for students pursuing careers in politics, business, economics, journalism or communications, psychology, education, medicine, nursing, or health.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
NUFD 130Introduction to Nutrition and Food Science Profession1
NUFD 150Food Composition and Scientific Preparation3
NUFD 182Nutrition3
Select 12 credits of the following:12
Upper level elective
Select 3-12 credits of the following:
Introduction to Research
Quantity Food Applications
Organization and Management of Foodservice Systems
Catering and Banquet Management
Experimental Food Science
Fundamentals of Food Processing and Preservation
Advanced Nutrition
Nutrition in Developing Countries
Molecular Cuisine
Food Systems and Agribusineses Issues
Applied Nutrition for Populations
Concepts of the Sommelier
Internship in Nutrition and Food Science
Nutrition Education Techniques
Research in Foods
Food Product Development
Selected Topics in Nutrition and Food Science
Nutrition Counseling
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Externship in Food and Nutrition
Nutrition and Food Science Professional Seminar
Medical Nutrition Applications
Other Electives
Select 0-9 credits of the following:
International Cuisine
Dynamics of Food and Society
Soup and Sauce Technology
Artisanal and Modern Baking Techniques
Nutrition with Laboratory
Sanitation Management and Food Microbiology: Certification
Quantity Food Purchasing and Production
Foodservice Equipment and Facilities Design
Meal Design and Management
Principles of Food Science
Applied Nutrition in the Lifecycle
Nutrition in Chronic Disease Prevention
Applied Community Nutrition
Total Credits19