Music - Music Therapy Concentration (M.A.)

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Students without background in Music Therapy need to complete the following as directed by the Grad Program Coordinator:
MUTH 100Introduction to Music Therapy2
MUTH 110Therapy and Observation Skills for Music Therapy2
MUTH 115Music Therapy Practicum I1
MUTH 200Methods and Materials in Music Therapy2
MUTH 205Music Therapy Practicum II1
MUTH 310Music Therapy with Children3
MUTH 315Music Therapy Practicum III1
MUTH 325Music Therapy Practicum IV1
MUTH 410Music Therapy with Adults3
MUTH 415Music Therapy Practicum V1
MUTH 420Psychological Foundations of Music II3
MUTH 425Music Therapy Practicum VI1
MUTH 495Internship in Music Therapy12
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3

Program Requirements

Required Courses
MUCP 511Musical Style and Analysis3
MUPR 590Piano Improvisation2
MUTH 501Psychology of Music3
MUTH 510Group Music Therapy Experience1.5
MUTH 521Music Therapy Assessment in Clinical Practice3
MUTH 522Clinical Improvisation3
MUTH 523Supervision and Teaching in Music Therapy3
MUTH 524Group Music Therapy3
Required Psychology Courses
PSYC 510Research Methods in Psychology3
PSYC 561Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 667Lifespan Psychopathology3
Select 6 credits from the following in consultation with Graduate Program Coordinator:6
Language Disorders of Children
Observation and Assessment of Young Children with Disabilities: Birth to Age 8
Principles and Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education
Neuromotor Development of the Young Child
Special Topics in Music Therapy
Developmental Psychopathology
Behavioral Neuroscience
Clinical Interviewing
Evidence-Based Psychological Interventions I
Evaluation and Planning for Students with Learning Problems I
Special Education for Students with Disabilities
Medical and Physical Bases of Disabilities
Culminating Project
MUTH 690Culminating Graduate Project in Music Therapy3
Total Credits39.5