Molecular Biology (M.S.)

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Program Requirements

Core Courses
BIOL 547Molecular Biology I3
BIOL 548Molecular Biology II4
BIOL 556Molecular Biology of Proteins3
BIOL 592Graduate Colloquium1
Research in Biological Literature
BIOL 597Research in Biological Literature1
Electives and Culminating Activity
Concentration/Specialization Courses
Select 14 credits (if completing a thesis) - 17 credits (if completing BIOL 599 or a Lab course) from the list below.14-17
Culminating Activity
Select one of the following options:3-6
Master's Thesis
Complete BIOL 698 for 6 credits. Submit the completed Thesis original and one copy to the Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Non-Thesis Research Option
Introduction to Biological Research
Complete BIOL 599 for 4 credits. Present a research summary to a committee of 3 faculty members. Results are reported to the Graduate School.
Non-Thesis Lab Option
Complete a Laboratory Course for 3-4 credits with approval from graduate advisor.
Present a research summary to a committee of 3 faculty members. Results are reported to the Graduate School.
Total Credits32


Biology Electives
BIOL 505Experimental Cell Culture3
BIOL 512Special Topics in Modern Genetics3
BIOL 515Population Genetics3
BIOL 520Plant Physiology3
BIOL 533Advanced Cell Biology3
BIOL 535Advanced Community Ecology3
BIOL 540Mammalian Physiology3
BIOL 549Special Topics in Developmental Biology3
BIOL 550Special Topics in Microbiology3
BIOL 552Biology of Lipids3
BIOL 555Medical Genetics3
BIOL 557Virology3
BIOL 558Microbial Genetics3
BIOL 560Molecular Genetics3
BIOL 561Genomics3
BIOL 562Special Topics in Molecular Biology1
BIOL 563Statistical Genomics3
BIOL 564Proteomics3
BIOL 566Bioinformatics4
BIOL 568Advanced Neuroscience3
BIOL 587Special Topics in Advanced Molecular Biology3-4
BIOL 593Molecular Ecology3
BIOL 594Signal Transduction3
BIOL 598Selected Techniques in Molecular Biology1.5
Non-Departmental Approved Electives
0-9 credits may be completed from the following:
CHEM 570Advanced Biochemistry3
CHEM 575Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms3
CHEM 577Nucleic Acid Biochemistry3
CHEM 578Biochemistry Laboratory Techniques3
CHEM 579Biomolecular Assay Development3
CHEM 582Biochemical Pharmacology3