Mathematics Education (PhD)

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Program Requirements

Required Mathematics Education Courses
Complete 5 courses from the following:15
The Use of Teacher Knowledge in Mathematics Teaching
Mathematics Education Leadership
Geometric and Spatial Thinking and Learning
Algebraic and Analytic Thinking and Learning
Theories of Learning Mathematics
Mathematics Curricula
Required Education Courses
Select three of the following:9
Teacher Learning Across the Professional Continuum
Educational Equity and School Change
Issues in Teacher Preparation and the Education of English Language Learners
The Practice of Teacher Education and Teacher Development
Studying Teacher Quality
Language and Literacy in Sociocultural Context
Literacy and Digital Technologies in Schools and Teacher Education
Mentoring Pre‑Service Novice Teachers
History of Teacher Education
Learning Connections: The Link Between Schools and Universities
Special Topics in Teacher Education and Teacher Development
Research in Teacher Education
Issues in Science and Mathematics Teacher Education
Elective Mathematics Education Courses
Select three of the following:9
Technological Tools for Education in Mathematics
Historical and Multicultural Foundations of Mathematical Thought
Mathematical Modeling in the Sciences
Advanced Perspectives on High School Mathematics
Special Topics in Mathematics Education
Designing for Mathematical Experience
Independent Study in Mathematics Education
Research in Mathematical Modeling for Middle Level and High School Grades
Research Requirement
EDFD 820Qualitative Methods for Educational Research3
EDFD 821Quantitative Methods for Educational Research3
EDFD 822Advanced Methods of Quantitative Inquiry in Education3
EDFD 823Advanced Qualitative Research in Education3
MATH 825Research in Mathematics Education3
Complete for a total of 3 credits:3
Doctoral Seminar in Mathematics Education
Higher Education Requirement
MATH 821Mathematics Education in Higher Education3
MATH 822Mathematics Education in Higher Education Practicum1
Qualifying Portfolio/Exam/Assessment
Successfully complete the qualifying portfolio, examination or assessment requirement.
Required Dissertation Courses
Advisement Course
MATH 900Dissertation Advisement 112
Admission to Candidacy
Following completion of pre-dissertation research courses and qualifying exam, you may be admitted to candidacy.
Dissertation Requirement
Complete a dissertation in accordance with Graduate School and doctoral program requirements.
Total Credits67

After 12 hours of Dissertation Advisement, register for 1 hour of MATH 901 (Dissertation Extension) each semester within the time limit set by the Graduate School.