Mathematics Education (PhD)

Montclair State University's PhD program in Mathematics Education prepares candidates for careers in mathematics education that include:

  • teaching mathematics and mathematics education at a two-year college,
  • teaching mathematics education and conducting research at a four-year college,
  • working with state and federal departments of education or foundations,
  • serving as a curriculum specialists or math coach for school districts,
  • working with commercial curriculum projects, and
  • teaching in a middle or secondary classroom and serving as a peer leader.

The program provides candidates with opportunities to obtain expertise in areas such as the teaching of mathematics, educational leadership, and curriculum development. All candidates work with faculty members to conduct research in mathematics education. The program recognizes the influence that teacher leaders have in renewing and strengthening our nation's educational system and the critical importance of strong education programs in our nation's quest for improving our social and political democracy while maintaining its high technological standards.


Initial admission status requires that students meet the minimum admissions criteria. Prospective students must submit the following for consideration:

  • A completed and signed application for doctoral study
  • A personal essay describing their view of the relevance of doctoral education to their personal and professional development
  • A statement discussing areas of potential research interest
  • Transcripts of undergraduate and graduate work, (WES evaluation, if necessary)
  • GRE scores; TOEFL or IELTS scores if necessary
  • Three letters of recommendation. At least one must be from a college/university faculty member who can attest to candidate's potential to engage in research.
  • Application fee.

Note: Mathematics Education was previously known as Mathematics Pedagogy.

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Program Requirements

Required Mathematics Education Courses
MATH 811Mathematics Education Leadership3
MATH 812Mathematical Modeling for Middle Level High School Grades3
MATH 813Geometry for Middle and High School Grades3
MATH 814Algebra and Analysis for Middle and High School Grades3
MATH 815Critical Thinking and Cognitive Development in Mathematics3
MATH 816Mathematics Curricula3
Required Education Courses
EDFD 801Democracy and Education3
EDFD 803Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning3
EDFD 804Organizational Change, Policy and Leadership3
Elective Mathematics Education Courses
Select three of the following:9
Technological Tools for Education in Mathematics
Historical and Multicultural Foundations of Mathematical Thought
Mathematical Modeling in the Sciences
Advanced Perspectives on High School Mathematics
Special Topics in Mathematics Education
The Use of Teacher Knowledge in Mathematics Teaching
Independent Study in Mathematics Education
Degree Tracks
Select one of the following research options:15-22
Practitioner Track
Qualitative Methods for Educational Research
Research in Mathematics Education
Quantitative Methods for Educational Research
Advanced Methods of Quantitative Inquiry in Education
Advanced Qualitative Research in Education
Dissertation Proposal Seminar
Research Track
Qualitative Methods for Educational Research
Advanced Methods of Quantitative Inquiry in Education
Advanced Qualitative Research in Education
Research in Mathematics Education
Quantitative Methods for Educational Research
Dissertation Proposal Seminar
Mathematics Education in Higher Education
Mathematics Education in Higher Education Practicum
Qualifying Portfolio/Exam/Assessment
Successfully complete the qualifying portfolio, examination or assessment requirement.
Required Dissertation Courses
Advisement Course
MATH 900Dissertation Advisement12
Extension Course
MATH 901Dissertation Extension 11
Admission to Candidacy
Following completion of pre-dissertation research courses and qualifying exam, you may be admitted to candidacy.
Dissertation Requirement
Complete a dissertation in accordance with Graduate School and doctoral program requirements.
Total Credits60-67

After 12 hours of Dissertation Advisement, register for 1 hour of each semester w/in time limit set by Grad School.