Information Technology (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Students who wish to make a career change and have limited or no background in Computer Science and/or Technology will be accepted under the condition of bridging the gap through a program of study that will require anywhere from one to four courses in Computer Science Fundamentals.  These additional courses do not count towards degree credit.

Complete 0-16 credits by advisement0-16
Java Programming
Computer Systems Principles
Data Structures
Discrete Mathematics in Computing
Required Core Courses
CSIT 535Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)3
CSIT 537Web Development3
CSIT 540Computer Networks3
CSIT 555Database Systems3
CSIT 561Computer Security3
Complete 3 courses from the following:9
Software Engineering
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Mobile Computing
Data Mining
Network Security
Web Security
Information Security Management
Computer Forensics
Computer Algorithms and Analysis
Image Processing
Special Topics in Computer Science
Information Technology Project Management
Advanced Software Engineering
Software Process Management
Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Advanced Database Systems
Scientific Databases
Independent Study: Computer Science
Readings in Computer Science
Culminating Experience
CSIT 696Research Methods in Computing3
CSIT 697Master's Project3
Total Credits30