Global Security and Diplomacy Minor

The Global Security and Diplomacy minor offers students the possibility of deepening their knowledge in the following areas of security and diplomacy giving particular attention to the study and practice of security and diplomacy, statecraft in the context of deep economic interdependence, geopolitics, and the politics of resource acquisition and exploitation. The minor should attract students with interest in global affairs and US foreign policy, and will prepare them for further study and careers in these areas.

The minor consists of three required courses (International Security and Diplomacy, International Relations, and Globalization and Security) and three electives for a total of 18 credits. 

Program Requirements

Required Courses
POLS 104International Security and Diplomacy3
POLS 202International Relations3
POLS 431Globalization and Security3
Elective Courses
Complete three courses from the following: 9
Introduction to Global Issues
Human Rights Law
Terrorism and Social Justice
Crime and Globalization
International Civil Conflicts
Justice in World Migration
Conflict and Its Resolution
Comparative Politics
International Organizations
Government and Politics of Africa
Government and Politics of China and Japan
American Foreign Policy
Politics of Development and Modernization
Politics and Technology
Food and Politics
U.S. Immigration: Law and Politics
Theories of Political Economy
Contemporary Western European Politics
Government and Politics of India and South Asia
Government and Politics of Latin America
Government and Politics of the Middle East
Government and Politics in the Post-Soviet States
Comparative Legal Perspectives: Israel and the United States
Intelligence and National Security
International Relations in Asia
Politics and Morality of War
War and International Security
Global Environmental Politics
International Law
Total Credits18