Family and Child Studies Major, Family Services Concentration (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Child Studies prepares students for careers working with youth and families in various settings. A major in Family and Child Studies may be for you if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you curious about the way children and adults grow and develop?
  • Have you wondered about how environmental and social factors affect physical, cognitive, and emotional development?
  • Are you interested in learning more about specific stages of human development such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, and aging?
  • Would you like to work with hospitalized children to help reduce the stress of medical treatment on them and their families?
  • Have you ever thought about a career in family counseling, working with youth in various settings, working with older adults, or teaching at the preschool or elementary grades level?

Graduates from the program work in a variety of human service settings. These include family and community services; youth service organizations; health care settings; juvenile and adult corrections; family courts system; long term care facilities; and early childhood, elementary, and parent education programs. This degree also provides students with the educational background they need to pursue graduate study in a variety of areas.

The Family Services concentration emphasizes the study of the family. Students learn about family development, relationships, dynamics, functioning, health, and resource management. They examine the various cultural, community, and socioeconomic contexts in which families function and study interventions used to support families. The concentration combines family research and theory with application in a variety of human services organizations and community agencies.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Family and Child Studies Core
FCST 200Introduction to Family Studies3
FCST 304Research Methods for Studying Families and Children3
FCST 348Individual and Family Development Over the Life Course3
FCST 418Working with Diverse Families and Children3
FCST 445Poverty and Families3
FCST 315Field Experiences in Family and Child Services3
or FCST 316 Service-Learning Experiences with Families and Children
Family Services Required Courses
FCST 214Child Development I3
FCST 400Senior Seminar3
FCST 409Internship (Complete for at least 8 credits.)6-12
Major Electives
Select 9 credits of the following:9
Professional Orientation
Family in Society
Interpersonal Relations
Social Gerontology: The Study of Aging
Women in Contemporary Society
Introduction to Child Life
Infant Development
Techniques for the Study of Child Personality
Family Stress and Coping
Exploring Family Diversity
Dynamics of One-To-One Communication
The Family in the Economic System
Volunteer in the Community
Group Dynamics
Individual and Professional Development in Family and Child Studies
Comparative Studies of Global Families
Field Trip Experiences in Family and Child Studies
Death and Bereavement in the Family
Independent Study
Teaching Daily Living Skills to Special Needs Populations
Organization and Management of Child Care Centers
Child Development II: Adolescence
Fieldwork Experience in Family and Child Studies: The Hospitalized Child
Gender Development Across the Life Course
Parenting Skills and Resources
Play Techniques in Working with Children
Adult Development and Aging
Peer Counseling
Theories and Techniques of Group Processes
Money Management
Action Approaches to Personal Awareness
Aging and Social Policy
Family Sociology
Challenge of Aging
Gender in a Changing World
Immigrant Families
Families in Later Life
Individual and Family Problem-Solving
Advanced Research Methods in Family and Child Studies
Workshop in Family and Child Studies
Sibling Relationships
Child in the Community
Special Studies in Family and Child Services
Evidence-Based Family Policy and Analysis
Family Counseling
Family Management
Required Collaterals
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
Elective Collaterals
Select 9 credits in one of the areas of emphasis by advisement (see below)9
Total Credits53

Elective Collaterals

Child Advocacy

CHAD 100Introduction to Child Advocacy3
CHAD 110Introduction to Social Work3
CHAD 200Ecological Systems of the Developing Child3
CHAD 202Cultural Competencies in Child Welfare3
CHAD 210Child Abuse and Neglect3
CHAD 212Children and Justice3
CHAD 220Social Welfare Policy and Services3
CHAD 300Forensic Interviewing of Children3
CHAD 302Public Child Welfare3
CHAD 310Child Welfare Research and Evaluation3
CHAD 312Fatherhood3
CHAD 320Children and the Law3
CHAD 325Helping and Engagement Skills3
CHAD 330Problems of Childhood: Advocacy and Intervention3
CHAD 340Current Social Issues in Child Advocacy3
CHAD 420Practicum in Child Advocacy3
CHAD 425Seminar in Social Work3
CHAD 470Senior Seminar in Child Advocacy3

Health Studies

HLTH 101Personal Health Issues3
HLTH 102Introduction to Public Health3
HLTH 105Medical Terminology3
HLTH 204Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health3
HLTH 207Injury Prevention and Emergency Care3
HLTH 208Study of Human Diseases3
HLTH 213Perspectives on Drugs3
HLTH 215Drug Education in the Schools3
HLTH 220Mental Health3
HLTH 222Mental Health in the Schools3
HLTH 240Foundations of Environmental Health3
HLTH 245Introduction to Fieldwork and Professionalism3
HLTH 290Human Sexuality3
HLTH 295Sexuality Education in the Schools3
HLTH 328Program Planning and Evaluation3
HLTH 330Health Education Methods3
HLTH 342Health Promotion3
HLTH 347Health Issues Forum1-3
HLTH 350Field Study in Health2-6
HLTH 355Addressing Health Disparities Through Social Justice3
HLTH 360Health Policy and Administration3
HLTH 365Science of Public Health: Epidemiology3
HLTH 374Health Communication3
HLTH 375Women's Health3
HLTH 401The Teaching of Health3
HLTH 405Culminating Reflective Seminar3
HLTH 411School Health and Community Services3
HLTH 425Applied Statistics for Public Health3
HLTH 430Counseling Skills for Public Health Professionals3
HLTH 433Population Approaches to Diet and Activity3
HLTH 440Health Aspects of Aging3
HLTH 444Community Organizing and Health Advocacy3

Justice Studies

JUST 101Criminology3
JUST 102Introduction to Criminal Justice3
JUST 103Introduction to International Justice3
JUST 202Innovation and Evaluation in Criminal Justice3
JUST 204Justice, Courts and Legal Systems3
JUST 205Perspectives on Justice Studies3
JUST 209Environmental Crime3
JUST 210International Justice II3
JUST 220Crime in the Life Course3
JUST 223Ethnography in Justice Studies3
JUST 230Family Violence3
JUST 240Statistics for Social Research4
JUST 250Current Issues in Policing3
JUST 251Gangs in America3
JUST 252Community Policing3
JUST 300Research Methods in Justice Studies3
JUST 310Theoretical Issues in Justice Studies3
JUST 313Organized Crime3
JUST 314Environmental Justice3
JUST 315Restorative Justice3
JUST 316Victimology3
JUST 317Race and the U.S. Legal System3
JUST 318Animals and Justice3
JUST 319Hate Crimes3
JUST 320Women and Prison3
JUST 321White Collar Crime3
JUST 322Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice3
JUST 323Serial Killers3
JUST 324Terrorism and Social Justice3
JUST 325Police and Society3
JUST 326Death Penalty Perspectives3
JUST 327Comparative Criminal Justice Systems3
JUST 328Prisons and Punishment3
JUST 329Homeland Security3
JUST 330International Environmental Issues3
JUST 331Police Civil Liability3
JUST 332Cybercrime3
JUST 333Media and the Criminal Justice System3
JUST 334Technology and the Criminal Justice System3
JUST 340Wrongful Convictions3
JUST 341International Criminal Law and Procedure3
JUST 342Wildlife Trafficking3
JUST 349Policing Terrorism3
JUST 351Juries and Justice3
JUST 352Crime and Globalization3
JUST 353Corrections3
JUST 354International Prisoners' Rights3
JUST 355Human Trafficking3
JUST 356Genocide3
JUST 358Crime Scene Investigation3
JUST 359Women and the Environment3
JUST 360Rights, Liberties and American Justice3
JUST 390Independent Study in Justice Studies3
JUST 398Selected Topics in Justice Studies3
JUST 400Drugs and Society3
JUST 401Social Justice and Family Policy3
JUST 402Sex Crimes3
JUST 403Seminar on Gender and Crime3
JUST 404Corrections Management3
JUST 406International Civil Conflicts3
JUST 495Senior Honors Seminar in Research3
JUST 496Peer Mentoring for Justice Studies3
JUST 497Senior Seminar and Internship3-8
PALG 210Law and Litigation3
PALG 301Criminal Law and Procedure3
PALG 304Real Estate Law3
PALG 305Immigration Law3
PALG 306Contract Law3
PALG 308Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration3
PALG 310Fundamentals of Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law3
PALG 312Research and Writing for Paralegals3
PALG 316Skills for Bilingual Legal Personnel3
PALG 317Evidence3
PALG 318Computer-Assisted Research in the Legal Environment3
PALG 320Bankruptcy Law3
PALG 322Wills, Trusts and Probate Law3
PALG 330Family Law3
PALG 331Administrative Law and Procedure3
PALG 332Personal Injury Law3
PALG 336Corporations and Partnerships3
PALG 339Computer Applications in the Legal Environment3
PALG 360Rights Liberties American Justice3
PALG 378Employment Law3
PALG 390Independent Study in Paralegal Studies3
PALG 398Selected Topics in Paralegal Studies3
PALG 411Advanced Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law3
PALG 412Consumer Law3
PALG 413Elder Law3
PALG 420Civil Trial Preparation3
PALG 437Entertainment Law3
PALG 438Trademark Law3
PALG 440Criminal Trial Preparation3
PALG 450Law Office Management and Technology3
PALG 497Paralegal Seminar and Internship3
PALG 498Cooperative Education: Paralegal Studies4-8

Political Science and Law

LAWS 200Introduction to Law3
LAWS 220Conflict and Its Resolution3
LAWS 290Language of the Law3
LAWS 302Legal Research3
LAWS 362Legal Writing3
LAWS 388Advocacy and Persuasion3
LAWS 390Independent Study in Law3
LAWS 391Women and the Law3
LAWS 460Advanced Legal Research and Writing3
LAWS 473Seminar in Law and Literature3
LAWS 497Pre-Law Internship3
LAWS 499Selected Topics in Law3
POLS 100Introduction to Politics3
POLS 101American Government and Politics3
POLS 199Freshman Seminar in Political Science and Law1
POLS 201Comparative Politics3
POLS 202International Relations3
POLS 203International Organizations3
POLS 204Government and Politics of Africa3
POLS 205Introduction to Public Administration3
POLS 206Government and Politics of China and Japan3
POLS 207American Foreign Policy3
POLS 214Women in Politics3
POLS 215Ethnic Politics in America3
POLS 216Urban Politics3
POLS 300Essentials of Political Thought3
POLS 301American Party System3
POLS 302Public Opinion and Pressure Groups3
POLS 303Politics of Development and Modernization3
POLS 304State and Local Government3
POLS 306Campaign Politics3
POLS 307American Political Thought3
POLS 310Public Personnel Administration3
POLS 311Governmental Budgeting3
POLS 312Black Politics in America3
POLS 313The Internet, Politics Public Policy3
POLS 314Seminar in Campaign Politics3
POLS 315Urban Administration3
POLS 317The American Congress3
POLS 318The American Presidency3
POLS 319Politics and Film3
POLS 320Law in Society: Civil Law3
POLS 321Law in Society: Criminal Law3
POLS 322American Constitutional Law: The Federal System3
POLS 323American Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties3
POLS 324American Public Policy3
POLS 327Food and Politics3
POLS 329Narco-Terrorism3
POLS 331Animal Rights: Law, Politics and Culture3
POLS 332U.S. Immigration: Law and Politics3
POLS 333Topics in Political Thought3
POLS 334Politics of Science Fiction3
POLS 335Theories of Political Economy3
POLS 339Contemporary Western European Politics3
POLS 340Government and Politics of India and South Asia3
POLS 341Government and Politics of Latin America3
POLS 342Government and Politics of the Middle East3
POLS 343Government and Politics in the Post-Soviet States3
POLS 344Government and Politics in the East European States3
POLS 351Comparative Legal Perspectives: Israel and the United States3
POLS 353Intelligence and National Security3
POLS 362International Relations in Asia3
POLS 363Politics and Morality of War3
POLS 364War and International Security3
POLS 365Global Environmental Politics3
POLS 410Directed Study3-6
POLS 416Selected Topics in Political Science3
POLS 420Seminar and Internship in Political Science4
POLS 425Politics of Federal Bureaucracy3
POLS 426Seminar and Internship in Public Administration I4-6
POLS 427Seminar and Internship in Public Administration II4-6
POLS 429Polling in the U.S3
POLS 430International Law3
POLS 431Globalization and Security3
POLS 436Political Science Washington, D.C., Internship1-7
POLS 497Honors Seminar-Political Science3


PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 109The Human Environment3
PSYC 120Psychology of Leadership for Emerging Leaders: Theory and Application3
PSYC 200Educational Psychology3
PSYC 201Child Psychology3
PSYC 202Adolescent Psychology3
PSYC 203Introduction to Psychological Research3
PSYC 220Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology4
PSYC 224Children's Rights and Child Advocacy3
PSYC 225Psychology of Adjustment3
PSYC 227Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality3
PSYC 230Environmental Psychology3
PSYC 231Psychology of Aggression3
PSYC 235Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth3
PSYC 245Hispanic/Latino Psychology3
PSYC 246Psychology of the Black Experience3
PSYC 248Psychology and Law3
PSYC 265Psychology of Women3
PSYC 268Psychological Aspects of Aging3
PSYC 288Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PSYC 294Psychology of Leadership: Theory and Application3
PSYC 300The Teaching of Psychology3
PSYC 301Experimental Psychology4
PSYC 302Health Psychology3
PSYC 303Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 304Social Psychology3
PSYC 305Physiological Psychology3
PSYC 306Psychology Of Work: Personnel Psychology3
PSYC 307Psychology 0f Work: Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 308Perception3
PSYC 310Introduction to Psychological Testing3
PSYC 313Cognition3
PSYC 314Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making3
PSYC 320Developmental Psychology I3
PSYC 324Contemporary Issues in Child Advocacy3
PSYC 330Forensic Psychology3
PSYC 332Psychological Foundations of Personality3
PSYC 340Human Learning and Memory3
PSYC 348Psycholinguistics3
PSYC 353Comparative Animal Behavior3
PSYC 354Clinical Psychology3
PSYC 355Motivation3
PSYC 358Fundamentals of Conditioning and Learning3
PSYC 360History and Systems of Psychology3
PSYC 365Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 366Health Psychology: Applications to the Community3
PSYC 375Evolutionary Psychology3
PSYC 402Systems of Psychotherapy3
PSYC 405Psychological Anthropology3
PSYC 420Packaged Computer Programs for Psychology1
PSYC 459Special Topics in Psychology3
PSYC 488Seminar in Cognitive Science3
PSYC 491Independent Study I: Research1-3
PSYC 492Independent Study II: Research1-3
PSYC 495Psychology Honors I4
PSYC 496Psychology Honors II4


SOCI 100The Sociological Perspective3
SOCI 102Racial and Ethnic Relations3
SOCI 104Sociology of the Family3
SOCI 105Black Family3
SOCI 106Individual and Society3
SOCI 112Sociology of Leisure3
SOCI 113Social Problems3
SOCI 201Foundations of Sociological Inquiry4
SOCI 207Social Structure of American Society3
SOCI 208Men and Masculinities3
SOCI 209Sociology of Poverty and Welfare3
SOCI 212Sociology of Technology3
SOCI 215Sociology of Sports3
SOCI 219Sociology of Aging3
SOCI 220Sociology of Rich and Poor Nations3
SOCI 230Sociology of Conflict and Violence3
SOCI 240Statistics for Social Research4
SOCI 301Sociological Research Methods I4
SOCI 302Sociological Research Methods II3
SOCI 303Large Scale Organizations3
SOCI 304Sociology of Work and Professions3
SOCI 309Sociology of Health and Illness3
SOCI 310Directed Independent Research3-9
SOCI 311Urban Sociology3
SOCI 312Environmental Sociology3
SOCI 313Sociological Theory: A Critical Analysis3
SOCI 314Environmental Justice3
SOCI 315Social Inequality3
SOCI 316Sociology of Education3
SOCI 318Sociology of Population3
SOCI 330Political Sociology3
SOCI 334Comparative Social Analysis3
SOCI 336Sociology and Social Work3
SOCI 340Social Change in a Global World3
SOCI 390Cooperative Education in Sociology3-4
SOCI 400Senior Project3
SOCI 401Sociology of Emotions3
SOCI 402Social Contexts of Mental Illness and Treatment3
SOCI 404Sociology of Religion3
SOCI 405Deviance and Social Control3
SOCI 407Sociology of the Mass Media3
SOCI 408Social Movements3
SOCI 411Selected Topics in Sociology3
SOCI 416Qualitative Research in Sociology3
SOCI 420Sociology of Law3
SOCI 426Sociology of Sexuality3
SOCI 430Sociology of Gender3

Women's Studies

WMGS 102Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WMGS 200Transnational Feminisms3
WMGS 201Inventing Feminism3
WMGS 208Men and Masculinities3
WMGS 301Feminist Theory in Transnational Contexts3
WMGS 302Selected Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies3
WMGS 308Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Literature3
WMGS 314Women and Migration3
WMGS 316Victimology3
WMGS 345Imaging Medieval and Early Modern Women3
WMGS 350Writing Women Safe: Writing, Rape Prevention, and Community Activism3
WMGS 355Human Trafficking3
WMGS 376Feminist Jurisprudence3
WMGS 401Independent Study: Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies3
WMGS 402Sexuality, and Women's Studies3
WMGS 403Seminar on Gender and Crime3
WMGS 410Cooperative Education: Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies3
WMGS 436Washington, D.C. Internship3
WMGS 481The Legal Rights of Women3