Earth and Environmental Science (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses
EAES 505Environmental Geoscience3
EAES 700Earth Systems Science3
Research in Geoscience Literature
EAES 594Research in Geoscience Literature1
Required Specialization Courses
Complete 9-12 semester hours from the following: 19-12
Earth Surface Processes and Hydrology
Numerical Modeling of Earth Systems
Applied Groundwater Modeling
Water Resource Management
Principles of Soil Science
Coastal Geomorphology
Environmental Quality and Remediation
Organic Geochemistry
Environmental Forensics
Instrumental Environmental Analysis
Urban Contamination
Methods in Environmental Research
Geology and Geophysics
Field Geology
Igneous and Metamorphic Geology
X-ray Microanalysis
Advanced Marine Geology
GIS and Remote Sensing
Geographic Information Systems
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing of the Environment
Spatial Analysis
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Free Elective Courses0-10
Complete 0-10 semester hours from the following:
Introduction to Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing
Optical Mineralogy
Igneous Metamorphic Petrology
Pro Seminar
Current Issues in Sustainability Science
Waste Management
Natural Resource Management
Environmental Change and Communication
Environmental Economics
Seminar in Environmental Management
Special Topics in Microbiology
Determinants of Environmental Health
Program Planning and Evaluation
Foundations of Epidemiology
Hazardous Materials Management
Separation and Analysis
Advanced Biochemistry
Fundamentals of Statistics
Culminating Experience
Select one of the following two options:3-6
Master's Thesis
Submit the completed Thesis original and one copy to the Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Research & Comprehensive Examination
Research Seminar
Comprehensive Examination
In the semester you will sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major & advisor. Successfully pass exam.
Total Credits32